The 4 Ways a Person May be Released from Custody


Panic is likely the first emotion that occurs when you are arrested, and that anxiety will probably remain until you can get back home. However, getting home is not always that easy, especially for felony charges. If you are charged, there are essentially four ways to be released from custody.

1.     Bail

Bail is a dollar amount required for the court to be willing to release you from custody. While the money is not forever lost, it is considered an incentive to motivate people to return for trial. When discussing how to bail someone out of jail scranton pa, it is necessary to understand that while the money is initially provided to the court, it is returned when the trial is complete as long as the defendant followed the rules of the court.

2.     Bondsman

For those individuals who cannot afford the entire bail amount, they may seek a bond from a bondsman. A Bail bond secures the freedom of the defendant for a fraction of the bail amount, typically 10%. However, like bail, if the charged does not appear in court, then the bondsman collects on the whole bail amount.

3.     Collateral

Some jurisdictions allow defendants to put up forms of collateral, which may include property, like a home, lot or apartment. These items must meet or exceed the value of the bail amount for the accused to be released.

4.     Own Recognizance

The last way someone can be released from custody pending a trial is when a judge releases them on their own recognizance. This type of release typically occurs for first-time offenders or people that do not present as a flight risk.

While being arrested is an intimidating process, it does not mean that you will never be returning home. There are many ways in which a defendant can be released from custody while awaiting trial. If you are curious to learn more about the types of release, bail and bonds, then contact a local bond agent.

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