Ten Unknown Facts About Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa is nowadays the most famous celebrity and is in limelight star since he started hosting one of the famous tv game shows “Jeeto Pakistan”. Fahad Mustafa is a director, actor, tv host and a producer in the Pakistan Films Industry. Fahad was born on 26 January 1983 in Karachi, Sindh. There are some of the unknown and funny facts about Fahad Mustafa that you may never hear about.

  1. Voice of Fahad Mustafa is completely modulated. He is much more than a bathroom singer. Fahad also performs in HUM Awards with his fruity voice.
  2. Did anyone know the full name of Fahad Mustafa? It is Fahad Mustafa Tunio. Fahad was also known with another name, Sunny Tunio.
  3. Fahad married his college crush Sana Fahad, a Pakistani producer and writer in 2005 and has one daughter, Fatima Fahad.
  4. Fahad Mustafa got the skills of acting from his father Salahuddin Tunio, who is a very popular and famous figure in the entire movie industry. He is a Sindhi and Urdu writer and Fahad got this talent from his father only.
  5. According to some of the close friends and wife of Fahad, he is the laziest person on the earth. He loves to stay at home and do nothing.
  6. Fahad is the drop out of B.Pharma course from Baqai Medical University. Before starting his career in this line, he wants to become a doctor. But later on he decided to follow his passion and now he is here.
  7. His decision of dropping the college is the mutual decision of Sana and Fahad Mustafa.
  8. Fahad Mustafa dropped the college in the third year of B. Pharma and started his career in the acting line.
  9. Fahad Mustafa started his career through a tv drama “Sheeshay Ka Mahal” which is a big flop. Even it off-airs after 20 episodes.
  10. Fahad was paid 2000 PKR for the single episode of “Sheeshay Ka Mahal”, through which he bought a car for himself. Isn’t it good?
  11. In his first ever tv drama show, he didn’t speak a single word in all the 20 episodes because the director of the show only loves the facial expressions of Fahad.
  12. In his career till now, he didn’t receive a single award, even after he got nominated for various shows produced by him.
  13. Fahad got fame from another tv drama “Veena” directed by Atif Hussain that is telecasted on ARY Digital in which he plays the role of a transgender. This show helps Fahad to take a big step towards the success.
  14. After this, he works in various tv shows and produced famous movies. But the decision of hosting Jeeto Pakistan is one of the good decision which leads to a turning point in the life of Fahad.
  15. After he started hosting Jeeto Pakistan, love for Fahad increases in the hearts of people.
  16. His way of talking to kids and women is also admired. While hosting “Jeeto Pakistan” he started dancing on the song with kids and call every woman “Aunty Ji”.
  17. Fahad Mustafa Contact Details including the phone number, email id, Facebook fan page can be used to contact the celebrity.
  18. People who want to participate in “Jeeto Pakistan”, can contact the officials of the show through the official contact details of Jeeto Pakistan.
  19. Another decision of Fahad of entering the Pakistan movie industry is an also a big turning point in his life. Through his first movie “Na Maloom Afrad” he proved his talent of acting.
  20. Fahad Mustafa also hosted two reality shows for HUM TV i.e. “Nachle” and “Jago Pakistan Jago”

These are the top unknown facts about Fahad Mustafa. We wish him a good luck in his entire life.

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