Susan Rachele Explains Body Dysmorphic Disorder


BDD might sound like a harmless assortment of three alphabets but the consequence of having these three alphabets together is not harmless at all. Susan Rachele is a sufferer of BDD. The full form is Body Dysmorphic Disorder and this can be a serious issue in someone’s life. This is actually is a kind of anxiety disorder. When suffering from this the person finds their looks distorted. Also, they spend a lot of worrying about how they look. This is a complete mental disorder. To them even a small pimple can produce a great reason to worry about. The sad part is suffering from BDD does not mean that the victim is self-obsessed.

The truth is human beings are unsatisfied by their nature. They feel unhappy about their looks time and again. This is a common feeling which might come rushing and disappear after a period of time. However, sometimes this feeling lingers and does not just go away. When this happens the matter becomes serious.

Now, Susan Rachele, being a victim of this issue knows that everything can be taken care of. There is nothing which can take you down if you don’t allow it to do so. She has fought the illness. You can too. Because she knows the intensity of the illness she has tried creating awareness about BDD. She tried to talk to people who are suffering from this trouble. If you explore her Twitter handle you would find that she has extensively tweeted about BDD. She has even invited people to contact her, if need has turned into push.

So, what are the symptoms of this problem? When should you seek professional help? What behavior disorder you should be careful of? The most important thing about any mental disorder is – getting professional help when there is still time.

People, who suffer from this disorder, usually keep comparing themselves with others. They compare their looks with others. This is kind of constant problem which BDD leads to. Usually those who suffer from this issue spend a lot of time staring at their reflection. They keep checking whether everything is fine with them or not. They keep assessing their looks. Eventually it leads to utter disappointment. Such is the intensity of BDD. With time people with this disorder begin excessive dieting or exercising.

Now, the question is what causes this problem? The sad part of the entire scenario is, not one knows why and when someone suffers from BDD. However, the psychologists say that people with traumatic past life experience may face this problem in their later lives. Sometimes extreme humiliation as a child might cause this problem.

The trick is to identify the issue when there is still time says Susan Rachele. Nothing is incurable. If you find yourself being continuously unhappy about your looks, you may have a thing to worry about. This might not be just a passing dissatisfaction. This might be something deeper than that. It is important to consult a doctor if this unhappiness becomes a constant companion of life. Additionally, you need to find courage to face the reality too.

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