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TikTok has taken over the world, and Stalekracker is now attempting to seize control of the TikTok universe. Louisiana-born user, he has rapidly risen to the top of the internet’s most talked-about list. It’s important to remember that he has consistently released videos highlighting his distinct combination of humor, creativity, and charisma. Don’t write him off as another TikTok sensation; it shouldn’t be shocking that he continues releasing well-liked videos.

Additionally, he is well-known for posting recipes for different foods on his TikTok and Instagram profiles. He soared to the top of the influencer rankings after receiving comments on one of his videos from famed chef Gordon Ramsay. Stalekracker also publishes short films about various sorts of cuisine on YouTube, where he is a content producer.

This article will discuss his biography, net worth, family, and personal information.

Personal Information

Date of Birth12-11-1981
ProfessionSocial Media


American social media influencer, he is active on several platforms. The meals he produced and his extraordinary culinary talents helped him become well-known and well-liked. The Tiktok celebrity is a guy with light brown hair, hazel eyes, and six-foot height. The “master” chef’s identity has never been known to the general public. His online alias while using the website is “Stalekracker.”

He is believed to have two children, Benjamin and Karlee, and to be the happy spouse of a great woman. The persons true name is not known to anyone at this time. The fact that he began working at TikTok at an unanticipated point in his life has now come to light. He only wanted to highlight his successes. He grew familiar with the common patterns on the platform slowly but certainly.

He interacted with his profile extraordinarily, which led to his rapid growth in the number of followers. He currently has 333 thousand followers on Instagram, which is staggering. He has a sizable fan base on the video-sharing website YouTube, with 301k followers, in addition to Instagram and TikTok. He has acknowledged that shorter portions than lengthier films have significantly influenced his popularity on social media platforms.

Journey to Success

Journey to Success of Stalekracker

He has been invited to participate in an interview for the HowToBBQRight podcast due to recent occurrences. He was the sort of modest individual eager to divulge information on his travels. His sixteen-year-old daughter was the one who originally introduced him to the TikTok community, and his observant intellect had alerted him to TikTok and all its possible applications.

He decided to release a video showing how to prepare ball prawns after getting help from his daughter while putting up the website. His positive outlook and remarkable abilities immediately drew many people attention. After his video gained around 2 million views, his wife gave her the order to keep promoting her husband skills, humor, and passion online. He hasn’t stopped what he has been doing since then.

Stalekracker Secret Recipes

Stalekracker Secret Recipes

He had already written a cookbook with a collection of all his favorite dishes. His main goal was to help the 60-second cooking film’s audience and persuade them to utilize the cookbook to make something delectable for themselves. And he was pleased to find that they were enjoying the portion where viewers of his movie could write comments.

He has worked hard over the past year or two to build a friendly and encouraging audience group that is always there for him. The ages of his followers span from five to eighty. It should go without saying that a social networking website could never ruin such a diverse community, but it is worth mentioning anyhow.

Astonishingly, he has no desire to quit because of the high he receives from his audience affection and good response, which includes renowned chef and Michelin Star laureate Sir Gordon Ramsay. When Ramsay left a remark on his steak video on TikTok, he appeared to find the encounter to be nothing short of eye-opening. He’s so high he doesn’t want to quit. Because of this, his 60-second TikTok flicks or shorts are equally as motivational as his ascent to popularity.

Wife and Children

Wife and Children of Stalekracker

The social media star has gained much attention and notoriety in a relatively short period because of his amazing cooking talents and entertainment ability. As he rose in fame, people were increasingly interested in learning more about his personal life, particularly his connection with his significant other. Stalekracker is married to Amy Chiasson to benefit everyone who doesn’t already know.

Amy Chiasson, a mother, wife, and animal lover currently 37 years old, claims that she has always loved animals. At this time, Justin and Amy have been married for more than twenty years, and they also have a daughter. Conversely, Justin doesn’t mention his wife publicly or discuss his marriage.

The 40-year-old chef once sent his wife a photo and personal letter on her birthday, wishing her the best and asking that she have a nice year ahead. Look at this! The merger of the couple has also resulted in the birth of two children for them. Their youngest son Hoyt is 14 years old, while their oldest daughter Karlee Chiasson is 17.

The siblings have a tight bond with one another. His sister doesn’t hold back when praising her younger brother or discussing him on her social media accounts. Karlee’s father is another individual who frequently shows up on her feed in a similar manner. The father-daughter combination is always ready for a fun new adventure, and they like boasting about their shared experiences.

Stalekracker Net Worth

Stalekracker Net Worth

Advertisers are prepared to pay a certain sum for each post made by Stalekracker since his TikTok account has more than 907.3k followers, and he has a net worth between $50,000 and $100,000. The average amount of likes, comments, and shares for his 15 most recent posts was $546. As a result, we think it’s accurate to say that sponsorship accounts for 11.86% of his overall income.

He presently offers one-of-a-kind goods, including T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothes and accessories covered with stickers and prints on his website, The item is continuously in demand since it is a terrific value, and its cost can range from $6 to $42.

Final Words

Stalekracker is an inspiration for many who feared facing people and not coming in front of the camera. There are many stories like Stalekracker that are the motivation for many to come and face and show hidden talent to the world. Maybe what you’ve dreamed and desired is waiting for your action.


Q: How Old is Stalekracker?

Stalekracker was born on November 12 1981 in a small town of America and 41 years old.

Q: How much children do Stalekracker has?

He has two children named Karlee Chiasson 17 years old and Hoyt 14 years old.

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