Spyware Trends – Today and in Future


The term ‘spy’ is referred to a person who is employed by a government or a company or an authority, to secretly obtain information about enemies or competitors. However, there is no control over these spying activities that it can be utilized either for a protective/useful outcome or for undesirable intentions.

When it comes to the modern gadgets like smartphones, there are many apps and software programs developed to hack and track them. Using these apps we can easily get all the details of someone’s call logs, chats, web browsing, etc. Though there are several disagreeable conditions on using these applications, such as to breach into someone’s privacy, and data theft; there are also certain advantages that could be availed on using a spy app such as to monitor suspicious employees; ensure safety for our children and women; etc. when utilized in a good manner.

Modern Spying Apps

The spy apps vary either on versions or on features, based on the operating system of the smartphones, basically. Android and iOS are the two main mobile Operating Systems, predominantly used all around the globe. There are numerous spy apps for android been designed, developed and made for available for users, in both paid and free versions. And most of these spy apps have their corresponding versions, supporting iOS devices also, while a few are designed specifically for Android.

Though all these apps performs monitoring functions, each one exhibits some distinctive feature such as children tracking, ear spying, hidden cameras, spying on messages, secret calls, hidden video recorder, making fake calls, secret recording of the mobile phone’s surroundings, etc. Here, we’d like to discuss, five from a list of most successful and efficient spy apps.


mSpy is an excellent spy app for android, which helps parents to make sure that their children are safe and employers to establish a productive work culture. This software collects all the information from the device on which it’s been installed and sends it to the user’s control panel. Hence, we could access the control panel through any browser to avail the recorded spy data.

Highster Mobile: Highster mobile is a robust spying application that features an easy installation process. It is said that the tool can be installed in less than five minutes, to reduce the hassle of planting it, for monitoring the device’s activities. It helps to remotely monitor on various smartphone activities such as photo/video viewing, email tracking, GPS monitoring, call/SMS tracking, etc.

Flexispy: Though the Flexispy is available for both Android and iOS, it is well received by Android users specifically. It is claimed to be the world’s only spy app for android undetectable by the targeted person, which features Full IM Tracking, Live Call Interception and Password Grabbing. This software lets you seamlessly spy on Android/iOS devices from your PC with a web browser.

iKey Monitor: iKey Monitor is a highly performing key logger software, designed for both iPhone and Android devices. It effectively fetches you the key strokes, passwords entered, call/text logs, chats, browsing history, screenshots, etc. The monitored data are recorded into a secured FTP, which you can access to view those data or sent you privately as an email.

Phone Sheriff: It helps to set limits on our kids’ phone usage. Enabled with this software tool, you can determine who they can/can’t communicate with; view the smartphone activities performed and even to block websites or apps from your, ‘Phone Sheriff’ secured account.

Spy without Spyware

Nowadays we are supplied with sufficient smartphone monitoring applications online, however extended improvisation needs emerges every day, which defines the future development of these spy software programs. For example, ‘remote installation’ has become very popular now, where you wouldn’t need to get the targeted device on your hands to implant the spyware. Furthermore, in future it is also expected to have a spying process, without even needing to install the spyware. Therefore, we could expect a new method to answer our speculation on, how to spy on android phone without installing software. There are many proposed ways to gather information or secrets from a device without its user’s knowledge, without installing any software or applications, on which various researches are carried out.

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