Some winning wedding anniversary gift baskets for your wife


In the modern world, every wedding anniversary is a reason to celebrate. With so many marriages collapsing, it can be affirming to mark yours. Anniversaries aren’t just validating for the couple. They are also reassuring to their extended families. They show that family still matters, and that lifetime commitments are worth making.

For couples, there are lots of opportunities to give gifts. Birthdays, promotions, relationship milestones, and much more. But anniversaries (and Valentine’s day) stand out, because they are focused on celebrating eros. That’s why it helps to introduce an amorous element to these gifts. Flowers, chocolate, jewellery, and perfume are always a good bet.

Fields of Lavender

Lavender is one of the most soothing scents there is. It reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, restores skin, and minimises acne. It’s also a very relaxing colour, and can be seen as quintessentially feminine. Consider getting your wife a lavender gift basket for your anniversary. It comes in a lovely reed basket full of lavender flavoured goodies.

The gift hamper contains lavender shower gel and body lotion to cleanse and moisturise your wife’s skin. There’s also a candle and a loofah to maximise her calming bath-time experience. To keep her in a chilled-out mood, it also comes with passion tea and toffee cookies.

Mor Rosa Body& Soul

Since you’ve been married for a while, you’re probably connected to your wife on multiple levels, so a body & soul gift basket shows how special she is, in more ways than one. For a woman, an anniversary gift is about celebrating you as a couple, so it should be something romantic rather than practical. This gift basket perfectly fits the bill.

It’s intricately packed in a posh signature gift box tied off with a ribbon. It contains a gift card for a more personalised message. Inside, there’s a scented Mor Rosa candle, famed for its soothingly hypnotic scent. The hamper also contains Mor Rosa hand and body milk so that you can feel the scent on your skin.

For a finishing touch, the gift basket has raspberry flavoured white chocolate melting moments. Chocolate is an amorous gift in itself, and coupled with the rest of this hamper, it packs a sensual punch. This hamper has optional add-ons, so you can pay an additional fee to add a plush robe, a bottle of celebratory champagne, or another personalised gift.

Celebrate Us

The name of this gift basket already makes it an ideal anniversary gift. It’s an unusual hamper, because it appeals to the wholesome wife who likes to maintain a healthy diet, but it also allows her a few sinful indulgences and special treats. This hamper comes packed in a beautiful basket, and it contains a curious mix of the wholesome and the decadent.

Inside this celebratory basket, you will find fresh fruit straight from the orchard. The selection includes bananas, apples, and grapefruit. It also has cheese, crackers, chocolate puff pastries, sausages, biscuits, and other snacks. The woven basket makes a memorable keepsake, and you can add a bottle of her favourite wine for that extra touch of class.

Picnic for two

Make your anniversary extra special by carving out some time just for the two of you. Take the day off work, hire a babysitter, and take your wife on a romantic picnic. Extra points if you take her to the place you first met, or the venue of your first date. This picnic basket hamper sets the tone beautifully. It’s full of picnic snacks and has a colourful checked ribbon.

Some of the snacks on offer are biscuits, sausages, jams, crackers, cheese, tea, cookies, and biscotti. If you have preferred snacks that have significance for you as a couple, you can sneak them in. You should also include some fresh flowers, and if you’re not planning to drive home, you can have some wine too. Check the weather to be sure its picnic-friendly.

True love in a basket

When you marry someone, you make a vow to be with them until death. This doesn’t often happen nowadays, but it’s the general idea. You promise to be with this person at their high and low points, to be their family, or to start a family. You get to know them and help their dreams come alive. A good testament to this is to put together your own gift hamper.

As a husband, you may not be as good at this as you think, so it’s okay to ask her sisters or friends for help. The basket should mark your special moments. You could include symbols from your time together. For example, a branded napkin or inscribed crockery from the first eatery you took her to. Include personalised items, like her favourite perfume.

In typical anniversary fashion, you should put in some flowers and chocolate, and maybe a commemorative piece of jewellery. If you have kids, get them involved and have them each add an item to the hamper. Celebrate as both a mother and a wife.

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