Some Fresh Decor Ideas Your Dining Area


Your dining area doesn’t need to be a sad, plain and boring, straight up and down table and chairs. If you’ve graduated from the school of Ikea basics then it’s time to turn an eye to some real style and design flair in your dining area.

The dining room as an entire room in your house has mostly fallen by the wayside. What once was its own discrete space is now more likely to be a sprawling, open area that flows on from other areas of the house, be it the kitchen, lounge, or other entertaining areas. While this makes dining areas feel more welcoming and useable, it also means that your dining area needs to work in harmony with these other free-flowing spaces.

The planning process for décor in your dining area

As mentioned, the process for planning a new look for your dining area décor involves taking a look first at the bigger picture. How does your dining area fit in to the overall aesthetic? If the whole area needs a complete overhaul, then you may need to look at décor touches than can carry over into your other areas.

Once you’ve determined whether you’ll need to create décor touches in other areas or simply your dining area alone, it’s time to start for real.

Focus on the main components first

The main area of focus in your dining area is, of course, your dining set. Are you looking to upgrade? If so, it’s time to think about space. Generally, you’ll want to fit the largest dining table and chairs as possible in your space, still with plenty of room to walk around the outside. If you have a large area to play with, you can stop at an 8 or 10 seater, unless you like to entertain big parties!

The trend these days goes against the old way of doing things where you simply purchased a matching dining set (or even matching dining suite). Nowadays, it’s the go to find your dream table and then choose chairs that match (or mismatch!) accordingly. Remember that your dining room table often outlasts the chairs you’ll buy, so this is a piece you’ll want to be happy with for many years.

The Axel table, for example, is a trestle type table that can suit a variety of chairs. Choose something traditional to go with it like the Mont Blanc chair set, or break out with woven chairs, or even occasional chairs – just make sure they’re comfy enough to sit in upright for meals, rather than lounging in, since that’s what they’re designed for.

It’s all about that lighting

One of the decorative touches that people fail to consider in their younger home ownership years is the power of perfect lighting – as well as perfect lighting fixtures. This is particularly important for the dining area.

The way to perfectly complement your dining area is to have large, hanging lights over your dining table – either a single large light, or multiple lights running down the table. These are often with beautiful, large lampshades, and can be either low or high. Add dimmer lighting to ensure that you’ve got the right level of light, no matter what the occasion.

A cheat’s guide to decor

The Byron Bay aesthetic is very in right now – which means plenty of bright white, and soft, neutral, wood tones and touches. If you look for items fitting this for your dining area then you’ll be bang on trend, with your friends all keen to come and have dinner parties over at your place. Add touches of darker greenery (or even real plants!) to complete the look.

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