Soak in the beauty of the garden city of India


Cool breeze accompanied by vast spread greenery with streets marked by beautiful high rises housing IT giants and intermittent gardens spread across the length of the city. Bangalore is not only the silicon valley of India but also the garden city of the country with numerous parks, gardens and lakes dotting the cityscape making Bangalore a one of its kind city in the country. Bangalore, while growing exponentially has maintained a fine balance between the concrete jungle and nature making it a tourist hotspot especially who want to be in the lap of nature while enjoying all the comforts a modern city has to offer.

The garden city at your steering wheel

Irrespective of whether one is on a leisure visit to the city or a business trip, mobility is always a challenge especially if one has to wait for a taxi or a cab to be driven around. Having a vehicle which is completely at one’s disposal helps spend available time on productive work so that one can make the most of the trip instead of spending time on arranging logistics or looking for public transport. A good way to have a vehicle is to rent self-drive car and carve an independent route.

Drive, don’t be driven!

While hiring a taxi, auto-rickshaw or other mode of transport is surely convenient and not a big challenge in a city as large as Bangalore, the benefits of having a self drive vehicle far exceeds the use of public transportation. By renting a self-drive car, one has the option of pick a car of one’s choice from a large selection, to find one which offers maximum convenience. One can pick up a car that suits one’s taste, budget and the city traffic condition so that one can get around in comfort and safety with the reassurance of being in capable hands.

Break the shackles, rise above the stereotype

Freedom to drive at one’s pace to the place one wishes to travel to, and at the speed one is comfortable with, are some of the perquisites of a self-drive car. While one has complete privacy while travelling, one is also free to navigate at will giving self-drive cars, a considerable edge over other means of transportation. Car rental companies such as Zoomcar, which is a pioneer in the field of providing car rental services, offer an array of luxurious vehicles that come bundled with value-added features likes  24*7 roadside assistance, All India travel permit and other services in order to ensure that every driving experience is hassle free and memorable. One can book a car via their website or phone app easily and start their journey immediately from the moment they reach the city.

Be it exploring the colourful lanes of Bangalore, enjoying a peaceful ride across the beautiful city with friends or attending a business meet the most convenient option is to rent a car in Bangalore. Self-drive to a pleasurable and memorable road trip and discover the many experiences the city has to offer.

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