Snazzy Styling, Spacious Cabin and More Makes 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer in Demand


Chevrolet has revived Trailblazer’s name with this subcompact crossover that vaunts sporty looks with a snazzy exterior. It’s design and styling are one of the primary reasons for it to be in huge demand among crossover lovers. Apart from it the sufficient space of cabin and styling interior makes an individual visit Jacksonville Chevrolet dealership immediately and book one. Take a look at this car in detail to understand every reason that makes the 2021 Trailblazer in demand.

The spacious cabin and amazing interior

One of the things that make Trailblazer in demand is its spacious cabin and a stunning looking interior that easily attracts an onlooker. Though it might not be as cheeky as its exterior design, ample space, practical layout, and equipment with convenient items is what make people opt for this vehicle.

Furthermore, with a high driving position, one might feel the essence of SUV perch and the rear seat has ample position for adults to sit relaxingly with sufficient legroom. The interior mentioned is created using black plastic, which offers an appealing texture for spectators and completely avoids anything looking cheap.

In addition, higher-end trims offer customers to opt for specific chrome embellishment along with a few particular colored trim options that provide the classy look one wants. Also, cargo space is massive that is larger than most cars in this segment. Chevrolet’s style of providing people with flat-folding rear seats creates additional space that can hold a colossal amount of cargo is an astute feature.

Exterior styling

With different color models available for people, the snazzy design of the Trailblazer sets it apart from the rest. With sturdy materials, the exterior is manufactured by Chevy, which helped it get the highest rating in crash test examinations. Moreover, with unique headlights and a large front grille, the entire look of the Trailblazer changed in the 2021 model. In short, one can easily say that more than anything else, this car has good looks that it can compete with any vehicle in this category.

Engine specs

Three-cylinder turbocharged engine of two different types is offered to people; 1.2L and 1.3L. The 1.2L one produces 137 horsepower while the 1.3L one generates 155 HP, which is more than enough for everyday usage. Also, the drivetrain available for the 1.2L option is FWD along with CVT and 1.3L is available in AWD that is paired with an automatic 9-speed. It is a vehicle that offers a smooth and comfortable ride for all. You can find out more at Chevy dealer Jacksonville.

Models and prices

L, LS, LT, Activ, and RS are the five variants available in market currently, which are priced at $19,995, $22,595, $24,695, $26,495, and $26,500 respectively. Since it is ideally used as an everyday vehicle, most people opt for versions LT or Activ. However, RS is also an amazing choice if an individual wants to enjoy all the features Chevy has loaded this car with.

So, now that you are aware of why the 2021 Chevy trailblazer in such demand, it is time for you to get in line and book one for yourself too!

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