Simple Tips On How To Choose A Man’s Wristwatch


For so many years, there are plenty of guides and tips shared online on how guys can choose the best wristwatch for them. It can be genuine or luxury replica watches, but the basics in making the right choice are still the same. If you are one of the confused men when it comes to wristwatches, then you are lucky!

Tips When Choosing A Wristwatch For Him

Here is a list of the simplest tips that can help you shop for the best wristwatch for you depending on your fashion preference and your lifestyle. If this is your first time to shop for luxury replica watches, then worry no more. Let’s make the process simple for you!

  • Budget. Before anything else, this is the most important factor that you should consider when buying a wristwatch for the first time. There are so many brands to choose from in the market these days and we know that some are affordable and just right with our budget, while others can have shocking price tags on them! A wristwatch would reflect your personality but it should also not hurt your wallet. Always consider your budget first before moving forward.
  • Design. For your first watch, you can choose a wristwatch with a classy and minimalist design. These are versatile timepieces and can be worn on different occasions or events. This would certainly compliment any outfit that you choose. This is the best choice if you are not ready to spend a lot of money on a number of watches for various outfits and events.
  • Size. For wrist watches, the size is important! Proportion is the key when you are selecting a watch. It should easily complement your style and should not look weird on your wrist. If you are eyeing a watch with a big face, make sure that you are a big man with a large wrist too. If you choose a watch with a smaller face, it will make you look feminine. But if you are a small guy with a small wrist, then choose a watch with a small face or those with thin dials. If you are not sure, then select a watch with a face diameter that is between 34mm to 50mm.
  • Movement. When it comes to wrist watches, there are plenty of moments for you to choose from. But in general, there are two types of categories: mechanical and quartz. Observe the second hand if you do not know how to identify one from the other. Remember that mechanical watches have smooth, sweeping seconds motion which is the most common in many luxury watch brands. For quartz, on the other hand, the second hand produce a ‘tick-tick’ motion which moves once per second.

This guide might be simple, but it has everything that you need to know when choosing your first wristwatch. Always consider the factors mentioned above to avoid spending your money on a timepiece that is not worth it. Now that you already have an idea on how to choose the right wristwatch, it is time for you to buy one!

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