Simple Steps to Charge Your Car’s Battery


If you own a car and haven’t been using it for some time then chances are when you try to start it, your car might refuse to do so because of the discharged batteries. Generally, on an average, the Best car batteries are made to run for almost three to five years without any problems. But that’s the case when you take good care of the battery, if not you might need to recharge them from time to time to ensure that they work fine.

You can look for various signs that could indicate that your car’s battery needs to be recharged. It could be the electronic accessories not running properly, car’s ignition not working properly, and many others that are directly linked to thelow battery. SomeBest car batteries also have battery indicators that show the amount of charge that your battery is left with.

If you think that your car’s battery is about to die and you need to recharge it, here’s how you can do it:

Use Trickle charger

A trickle charger is a device that provides electricity to a battery from a power outlet in a steady and slow stream. The most important advantage of this trickle charger is that it charges your battery slowly and researches have concluded that batteries charged slowly tend to hold their charge for longer time periods than the batteries that are charged rapidly.

The trickle charger comes with an electric cord with a plug that you could plug into any power source and also has two jumper cables with clips that could be connected to the battery terminals. This will allow your car’s battery to charge steadily.

Clean the battery terminals

If you see a layer of white powder on the battery terminals then you should clean them immediately. Remember don’t touch the terminal with your bare hands as the powder is dried sulfuric acid which could cause burns if touched with bare hands. What you can do is use a manual sandpaper to wipe the terminals. You can also use a cloth dipped in baking soda that would remove the acid powder from the terminals.

Doing this will ensure that your car’s battery is ready to be attached to the cables, coming from the battery charger.

Attach the cables

Before connecting the charger cables with the battery, you must make sure that the car is turned off. The battery charger will have two wires one a red colored wire, which is needed to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the other wire is needed to be connected to the negative terminal. You must make sure that the wires don’t touch each other because that might lead to sparks and even short circuits.

Turn the charger on

Once the terminals are connected, you can connect the charger to a power source and turn it on. This will make the battery charge itself. You can leave the charger overnight and then you can remove the charger and can find that your car’s battery is charged.

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