Save Your Budget and Your Planet by Repairing Instead of Replacing These Items


In today’s consumerist culture, it’s tempting to buy a replacement for everything that breaks. You see ads for new products that work more quickly or look more attractive than yours, and you’re willing to spend more money to get them. However, this purchasing method is not good for your budget or the planet. When you have issues with these belongings, consider paying for repairs rather than buying a replacement.

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Cars are major investments, but because you use them so much, they tend to break down frequently. Unless the cost of repairs is higher than your car’s value, invest in auto repair Bellevue WA. This makes it easier for you to pay off your car loans, and it allows you to support your local economy rather than a large car-producing corporation.


More times than you can count, you’ve put on a shirt only to find that it’s missing a button or pulled on some pants and discovered a tear near your knee. Rather than throwing your clothes away, learn basic sewing skills to put buttons back on and hide rips. If you don’t want to sew yourself or the clothing is high-quality, contact a professional seamstress in your area.

Outdoor Gear

Camping is a fun way to vacation, but the supplies you need aren’t cheap. When your sleeping bag or tent rips, take it to an outdoor supply store and see if there’s anything you can do. Because these items are made from heavy-duty materials, you can usually repair them with special glues or patches.

Take stock of the belongings that you throw away every year and see if you can make some changes. By repairing rather than replacing your possessions, you support local professionals, lower the amount of trash in landfills, and make room in your budget for fun purchases.

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