Samsung Galaxy S9 will be all metallic beast


Samsung decision to withdraw from the plastics can be called the best of everything that happened with the flagship Galaxy line. Plastic, even high quality, always associated with something cheap, but the metal and glass look and feel luxuriously. In the case of the Galaxy S9 to set premium materials add a fashionable way of processing glass, received marketing name “2.5D-glass.” And, similar is used in the Galaxy S8.

Look at the front and rear panels Galaxy S8. Glass, which is rounded on the edges. The screen is absolutely flat under glass. The meaning of this treatment is to increase the aerodynamics at the junction of the body with side panels. Transition becomes smooth, sharp corners are dissolved, and replaced smeared in that the drafting is called conjugation. However, Galaxy S9 release date seems more close.

In addition to smoothing, 2.5D-glass adds a very nice visual effect, which is further enhanced by a dark matte finish around the screen and on the back of the smartphone. Once again, look at the photos of the device. Notice some color unevenness, though in some places the smartphone is lighter, with a grayish tinge? This refracted entering the surface of the glass through the uneven light, and when you turn the device-flashing jump on the case, as the sunbeams. And, Galaxy S9 shines like a golden metal thing.

Unfortunately, 2.5D-glass there is also disadvantages. When excess light, especially in the sun, you can always place the flat screen so that light is not reflected in your eyes and the screen contents to be seen. In this case, almost impossible to avoid glare but it is okay. Rounded faces will still shine, which is noticeable even in the photos of the smartphone in artificial light, and the blinding summer sun certainly exacerbates the situation. Let’s see if Samsung works on this thing to overcome for Galaxy S9.

The second objective lack of fingerprint free – this is its soiled. The body quickly covered with fingerprints, and although they are removed quickly and easily, will have to get used to the permanent device. Although, Galaxy S8 turns to be a big smartphone in the market, but trust is still in dilemma until it appears on the market shelves. Also, the rumors of Galaxy S9 are making the wait more interesting.

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