Saltwater Pearls – Where They Are Find and the Jewelry They Are Made Of


Saltwater pearls offer an assortment of variety in shape, size and color than almost any other type of pearl. Perfectly formed and with a nacre layer that gives them a luster that is mirror-like, Laguna Pearl’s AAA and AAAA-grade saltwater pearl are the most affordable pearls to buy.

Colours, shapes and sizes

Saltwater pearls are available in a wide assortment of pearl colours shapes and sizes than almost any other pearls, making them a favorite with designers of pearl jewelry. You will be able to find saltwater pearls jewelry in many styles from strands of pearls and bracelets to earrings as well as single beautiful pearls in a pendant or pearl ring.

Saltwater pearls

Additionally, to traditional white pearls, cultured saltwater pearls come in an assortment of natural pastel colours such as peach, pink and cream. Pearl sizes range from 6 to 13mm and the gems are available in round as well as off-round shapes.

Laguna Pearl

Laguna Pearl offers customised options with saltwater pearls. Why not also add a bet of glamor and sparkle and select a setting crusted with crystals? You know Valentine’s Day is not far away.

Select saltwater pearls

When you are selecting saltwater pearls, there are several essential elements to consider. Unless you are buying multicolour pearls, salt water pearl bracelets and strands should have an even size and color. Always remember that not all pearls need be round; baroque pearls and off-round pearls are designable equally. Where exactly do saltwater pearls originate?


White as well as golden South Sea pearls are adorned for this classic color as well as their exceptional sizes. These rare saltwater gems are produced by the Pinctada Maxima oyster that is found in very deep and offshore waters. What South Sea pearls are commonly found off the shores of Australia and are typically cream white in color with a silver overtone. These excellence golden South Sea pearls are regularly found in the Philippines and include a wide assortment of light shades of light to dark golden colours. They are the best pearls for your style and especially your budget.

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