Recent Trends Dominating the Automotive Industry


Since we have entered the new era of digitization, the entire world around us have faced a dramatic transformation, and automotive industry as one of the oldest friends of human civilization had to transform in the most conspicuous manner. With this sea change, automotive industry is now incorporating trends that show how its relationship with customers too have emerged into a stronger one, keeping their demands as the first preference over everything else.

So here are those trends, that the experts of the Hyundai dealer serving Philly say, that are reigning the automotive industry transforming the way we used to look at it.

Surging Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

To deal with the current issues like global warming and fuel crisis, every automotive manufacturer today is into making and releasing more and more vehicles that run on renewable energy. We are seeing large number of electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles running on the roads.

This trend has been the best solution to the need of the hour where the mass consumers want to cope with the sky touching price of fuels, and we all are gasping to breathe some fresh air in the cities.

With the fully electric vehicles that run on rechargeable batteries, the cost of owning a car has come down, and with the mass production of such vehicles the selling price too has become affordable for the commoners.

For those who are still doubtful about the capacity of fully electric vehicles, the manufacturers are making hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles that though keeping an option to run on gasoline, petrol or diesel choose to run on electric till the charge gets over.

The surge in these vehicles also proves that people are changing their mindset and are more determined to maintain a greener patch around.

Connected Vehicles

With smart technologies spreading like wild fire on the different aspects of life, automobiles had to take the lead in showing how smart vehicles and driving can get, when the automotive engineering pairs with smart technology.

The recent trend of Connected vehicles is one such proof. The concept allows the cars to share their driving details with other cars in order to maintain more road safety and reducing traffic congestion. Information like speed, driving and road conditions, sudden braking, weather and traffic are shared with other cars to automatically adjust the routes of the cars that will guide them to drive towards smoother rides, limiting the risk of accidents.

The technology is referred as Vehicle to Vehicle Communication (V2V) technology which is quite similar to that of Wi-Fi, that is going to be a standard feature soon on almost every vehicle.

Autonomous Driving

Although initially self-driving technology has been discouraged by many, and has not become prevalent on the streets yet, the experiments and improvements are quickly changing the mind of people and more users are bending towards this automotive trend.

As explained by the Philadelphia Hyundai dealer, from minimizing the risk of accidents because of poor driving habits to let less experienced drivers and passengers use the car in emergency hours, people are now realizing the necessity of self-driven cars really fast.

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