Protection of Precious Migratory Birds


Every year, migratory birds depart from their natural breeding grounds in America and Western Europe at the end of summer to travel thousands of miles over various mountain ranges and oceans in different climatic conditions to their winter habitat in the tropics. For such birds, this expedition is both long and challenging, as they have to stop at strange and unusual surroundings to search for food, water, and rest before continuing their journey to the tropical lands. Human beings must appreciate and understand the complexity of how these birds use their natural environment to ensure their protection and survival. To explore about the fascinating world of migratory birds and their conservation, visit


As the appropriate habitat is critical to help these creatures survive, strive and reproduce, any scheme that bird conservationists formulate and implement on protecting migratory birds needs to focus on the right habitat management. The quality of the resources available at such places and their protection in important in understanding and analyzing the migration timetable of these birds and the paths they take to reach their destination. Conservationists also need to take into account a number of factors to maintain an adequate population of these species. These include the abundance and types of plants that these birds use for nesting in places they migrate to, the general distribution of such birds in the area, their predators in addition to their parasites.

The others factors that can go a long way in preventing the extinction of these migratory birds include:

1. Keep cats indoors

Most people are aware that cats feed on these birds and hanging bells around their necks is an ineffective way to warn migratory birds of the presence of such predators. This is the reason why it is imperative for cat owners to keep their keep indoors to ensure that these feathered creatures can live three to seven times longer.

2. Eliminate pesticides

In order to conserve migratory birds, it is essential for people to eliminate pesticides of all kinds as these chemical substances have the potential to pollute the waterways that these birds rely on.  In addition to this, such chemicals also kill the insects that are a part of the staple diet of such birds.

3. Reducing carbon footprints

Reducing carbon footprints is essential for protecting migratory birds from becoming extinct. Simple acts that people can adopt like opting to use both hand-held and electric lawn mowers, carpool and low energy electrical appliances can be a catalyst in protecting the natural habitat of these birds.

4. Purchasing organic food and drinking shade-grown coffee

By opting to buy and consume homegrown organic food that do not contain any harmful chemical substances that are normally found in pesticides, consumers of such food products can indirectly help in conserving the natural habitat of migratory birds and ensure their survival.

Protecting migratory birds is not only the appropriate thing to do to ensure their survival for future generations, it also helps to enhance the economy of places where these birds to travel to and the environment human beings live in.

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