Pros along with cons of the different sleeping positions


The moment you think on how to put your baby to sleep, the new born sleeping options could cause confusion. Let us now discuss the best new born sleeping options with their pros along with cons.

The crib

For toddlers or babies it is a small bed, can be termed as a traditional bet. The focal point of this sleeping option is it requires less updates and you can use it till the baby is ready in order to graduate into a full sized bed.

The positives include you can find easy accessories to it. They are available in various sizes, types or shapes and virtually no need to upgrade. From the negative side, as it is larger size than most options it would make your baby a lot unsettled. On the other hand it works out to be an expensive option.

Co sleeper

This goes by the name of co sleeper bassinet which would allow your baby to sleep just beside you. As it resembles a crib on one side, which means it is lower so you can reach out to the baby if they need feeding

From a positive angle, since you can reach out to the baby during night, disruption is at a minimum level.  Comparatively smaller than a crib the baby is safe because they have their own space. Since most of the models do have wheels it becomes easy to move it from one room to another. On the negative side, if there are no wheels it makes it difficult to move from one room to another. In addition the bedding accessories are at a limited level.


An attractive option for your little one as it cocoons your baby. The rocking motion makes the baby comfortable and put them to sleep. Since they come with wheels you can make it move from one room to another with ease.

In terms of advantages, it can even fit a small house. You can move it easily around your home and the comfort levels of your baby is enhanced. From the negative side, the options are limited when you are comparing it with cribs. Because of the small size it tends to outgrow quickly.

Moses basket

Among all the sleeping options this works out to be the best. Due to compact size, handles and an ideal weight it has soared in popularity.  In case if you are looking for an elevated position you can purchase stands or you could rest it on the floor. Since most of them come with custom type bedding it does make it very difficult to figure out a replacement.

From a positive side, it is one of the cheapest options for your little one and being portable it is easy to store as well. On a negative side it tends to outgrow quickly and it becomes really difficult to find custom oriented bedding.

Apart from these there are various sleeping options for your little one. Eventually it boils down to the comfort of your little one.

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