Preparation Tips to Crack NEET – 2019


It is the time of the year again, where students are busy with their NEET 2019. Everybody is busy pouring over his or her NEET preparations, filling the application forms, checking for the syllabus, downloading the question papers from different websites, referring to notes, trying to memorize all the formulae, and lot more. With just a few more months left for the examination, all the preparations are in full swing.

NEET is one of the toughest and the important medical entrance exam to grab the admissions into the top medical colleges in India.  As per the experts and NEET toppers advice, dedicated practice, and revision are the major factors which lead to success.

Here are a few tips and strategies which might be helpful for those students preparing for their NEET- 2019.

Schedule your own study plan

The first and the initial step in preparations is to plan your own study plan. As there will be a lot of study materials to be covered, plan yourself from where to begin. Try to complete all the easier topics first and then switch on to the toughest ones. Assign extra time for difficult topics and practice by dividing the study material into several parts and make sure to complete it in an allotted period of time. This way of preparation will give enough time to practice difficult topics, helps in studying effectively and will also reduce stress.

Cover the entire syllabus

Never try to omit any questions or topic or chapters. As each and every topic in your syllabus is much more important. Henceforth put extra effort, understand every topic, discuss with your friends, and share your doubts. Refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics, Chemistry and Biology to get perfect in the basics.

Study on a regular basis

Preparing for the exams a month before won’t fetch you with good rank. So be regular to class, pay attention to the lecture, and revise the class notes on the same day. This helps in completing the syllabus on time.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice number of sample papers, important questions, class notes and spend more time in recollecting and discussing the answers, formulae, equations, and more diagrams as they are very important in NEET exam. Refer to NCERT Solutions including NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology as it may include a few important questions on the exam point of view.

These were few important tips and strategies for NEET- 2019 Exam. Hope these preparation tips helps the student to score well in their exam. All the best!

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