Pregnancy and Childbirth : Things You Need to Know


In medical terms pregnancy is well known by ‘gestation’ – the time taken by a foetus to develop into an offspring within the mother’s womb.Multiple pregnancy means the development of more than a foetus within the womb at a particular time. Multiple pregnancy lead to the development of twins – that can either be monozygotic or dizygotic.

Duration of Pregnancy :

In case of normal pregnancy childbirth generally occurs after about 40 weeks from the (LMP) or the last menstrual period. Is measured from conception pregnancy lasts about 38 weeks.Pregnancy can be confirmed genuinely with a pregnancy test in a laboratory. After conception generallya ball of cellsdevelop into an embryo, for the next eightweeks after which it is termed as a foetus which ultimately develops into an offspring.

Stages of Pregnancy :

Pregnancy is subdivided into three broad stages known as the three trimesters. The first trimester holds the first 12 weeks of pregnancy together – from conception till the formation of embryo and placenta.The second trimester proceeds from week 13 till week 28. This is the time when the fetal movement inside the womb can be felt. The third trimester is generally from week 28 till birth.The first trimester holds the highest risk of miscarriage, that is the natural death of a foetus or embryo. In case of all premature delivery that canhappen, generally after the completion of the 28 week of pregnancy; babies can survive with proper and high quality support care of medicines outside the uterus. Check step by step baby growth during pregnancy video for a proper understanding into the matter.

Viral Respiratory Infections during Pregnancy :

Viral infections are quite common in pregnancy. When they come in contact with the people with viral infections at a workplace or even at home the mother can get infected. But not all infections can affect her baby. But there are viruses that might cause severe birth defects in the unborn baby or even might cause miscarriages. Influenza virus can be very detrimental to the health of the unborn baby in the womb. Proper and effective respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy can cure most viral diseases.Yet influenza, in extreme cases can lead to miscarriages.Even the respiratory viruses of mumps measles bronchiolitis etc. does not always increase the risk of birth defects. However to protect yourself from every possible kind of infectious viruses you should wash your hands properly and frequently. Doing this might however lessen the risk of developing an infection.

Antibiotics and Treatment :

Upper respiratory tract infections and common cough and flu are viral most of the times. Antibiotics and not always quite helpful for most of the cold that mothers get.

There is no typical treatment if you get a viral infection and hence during pregnancy any respiratory infection or cold will last more than it often does. This is mainly because your inherent immune system is already stressed from the various demands of the ongoing pregnancy.

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