Pre-shipment Inspection Services


Pre-shipment inspection is very important to any importer from China. The importer also needs a certified inspection company’s pre-shipment inspection certification too. This kind of best practice in trade will ensure for no hold at customs. You will also receive defect-free goods and in the right quantity. This will make your customers happy. If you are going to import goods from China, you may look for the best inspection services my area. However, there are many service providers. It is advisable to search for the top 10 pre-shipment inspection companies in China.

What do pre-shipment service providers will do?

Inspection on Packing and Labeling

Packing and labeling is an important part of pre-shipment services. They do come at the factory site or a warehouse for conducting an inspection. This will ensure the right quantity in a pack or carton boxes. They do check the labeling as per the shipment standards. This kind of procedures will pass the customs at both places. You will also receive the right quantity of shipped products. This will check your manufacturer is following the agreed packing standards or not.

Loading and Unloading Inspection

The ordered products do go for loading and unloading to a container. This inspection you have to do before shipment. It can ensure your packed materials are properly loaded with the necessary lifting equipment. This will ensure you will not receive a tampered pack or a damaged pack. This is because, after packing and labeling, it may be kept in a warehouse. Your products have to be loaded and unloaded twice before shipping.

Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate   

The importer must hire the service from a licensed pre-shipment service provider. Their certification is necessary to ship your consignment to the concerned destination. Their certification is of international validity as per shipping policy. It is advisable to hire full pre-shipment services. They will do the A to Z of pre-shipment services. After every process is over, they will give proper certification. In this way, the importer can be free from shipping tension. This type of certification will help to transport your goods through the sea, by road, and to your warehouse. You can see your products or goods are safe and in right the quantity too. There will be no tamper and damages too. This is why you need professional help from a pre-shipment inspection agency.

Next time when you search for inspection services my area, you can find them online. It will be better to find the best pre-shipment inspection agency. They give a vast discount and offers for signing a long-term pre-shipment inspection contract. This can be like no extra charges for video coverage and taking photos. They do visit multi places for inspection without taking any extra charges. They have experienced staffs from the industry. They do talk multi-languages. They are the best in customer service too. You can get an online report or a handwritten report from them. They have multinational branches too. The importer can book their services from their country itself.

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