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Pointers for First-Time Cruisers

When you get ready to go on your first cruise, you may not know what to expect. Following these three tips can help you research well so you can get the most out of your trip.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time To Arrive

You don’t want to start your cruise off stressed. Therefore, it’s important to arrive in plenty of time before you embark. You may consider flying to your departure port city a day in advance and staying overnight in a hotel. Book your Houston to Galveston shuttle bus before you leave home so that you know you’ll have a reliable way to get to the ship.

Plan Your Day Trips

Knowing what you want to do at each port gives you a chance to prioritize certain sites you want to visit and budget accordingly. After all, you don’t want to be surprised by an unexpected expense that keeps you from observing proper tipping etiquette back on the ship or makes you have to cut your other day trips short. Put the cash you will need for each stop in a separate envelope to keep yourself from overspending on a whim while you’re out.

Be Your Own Tour Guide

There are many amenities on cruise ships, and most major lines list them proudly on their websites. Map out the ship at home and pack snacks for the first day of your trip. Then you can spend your first few hours on board walking the ship and figuring out where everything is located. This gives you the chance to test out your sea legs while avoiding getting stuck in the long, first-day buffet lines with everyone else.

The fact that you have never been on a cruise before doesn’t mean that you have to walk into it blindly. If you plan carefully, no one will have any clue that you’re a newbie.

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