Philanthropy and Society- John Clemenza Tells How both Co-Exists Mutually?


The entire equation of existence depends upon experimentation, and in reality, there are thousands of experiments that are being carried on within the society for achieving a completely constructed society. While some of the experimentation has led to the immensely positive result, the rest have not been able to show human beings the ray of hope. However, there has been no disruption in the progress and the civilization has flourished to no bounds. There has been a stereotypical economic growth, and along with it, there have even been some outcomes which gave a completely new dimension to the cultural progress.

However, when everything in the is up for sale in the society, life only gets harder for those who are of modest means. How affluent an individual can be, depends completely on the accumulation of money. But there can be certain challenges faced in this practice as well. Putting a price on anything can actually make the situation vulnerable by corrupting it.

Realizing the Act of Giving in Co-Existing- John Clemenza Gives A Better Scenario

John Clemenza has believed in one thing, at every individual stage of development of human race, the act of giving has been the constant factor. Be it the knowledge, the experience, emotions or insight, the fact is giving in any form has been the greatest of all human assets. Psychological and rational studies have indeed shown that there are hardly any people in this world who has not been touched by the act of giving. And it is indeed true that without the act of giving, it would really have been impossible for mankind to have the achievements. And it is in such pure form that it has actually transgressed crossing all the geographical borders and all kinds of social and cultural prejudices that otherwise exists.

There has been multiple research works carried out just because of the fact more and more multinational organizations and corporate firms have been seen to take active participation in philanthropy. While querying them regarding their motif, it has been seen that their involvement in the act of giving has actually helped them in filling the gaps that are created by market failures which is a part of every business. The private sector has always proved to be the most effective source for allocating the resource, but there are some loopholes as well.

Capitalism, which John Clemenza believes is what the corporate market has always obliged to, and hence it has its own failures as well. While the market finds failure, philanthropy has always put its best step forward and allowed it to find some normalcy. Whatever be its kind, nature or color, philanthropy has always proved to provide social benefit and it cannot be neglected. The more the world indulges in it, the better it gets for the society as a whole. Individual progress might not make much sense as such, but when all the individuals unite as a whole, each and every contribution is counted. Work for the whole and let the world believe in the strength of giving.

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