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Packing for moving: Know what to get rid of and what to leave?

If you hired Disney to move to a new home, it’s time to check all your things and pack your boxes. When you start packing your house, you will probably understand the number of unnecessary items that you put in cabinets, drawers and cabinets. What to do, what to do?

To get the best results with a smooth motion, it’s important to streamline and organize the elements you will carry. Whether large or small, it’s important to get rid of unnecessary things in order to lighten your load and reduce transportation costs, especially when moving to another country.

What to have?

When packing boxes before moving, start packing all the things you plan to store and transporting them to your new home. At such times, it’s useful to make a StayPromo Disney World checklist of all the basic elements that you should have with you, such as clothes, furniture, dishes, and more.

Be sure to pack the boxes in an organized manner with each box clearly identified by room, whether it be a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It also helps to correctly mark boxes for engines such as Fragile, Liquid, Heavy, or other special instructions. In this way, you will ensure that your most important things arrive at the right place with the least possible damage.

For the most important items that you use every day, such as changing clothes and toiletries, be sure to pack the necessary items in a hand bag that you can carry with you. Even if you are moving in the neighborhood, packing toothpaste, bath gel, and pajamas individually will make it easier for you to sleep after a long day of moving.

What to get rid of?

Now the hardest part … During a great move, you probably have to get rid of a number of unnecessary items, especially if you reduce your size to a small house or apartment. Start by assessing your home’s room by room and take an inventory of the main items you want to donate or throw away. These can be large items of unused furniture, wardrobes or broken items such as an old tennis racket.

From there, it’s important to split all your things into heaps to sell, donate or throw away. Obvious garbage and broken objects can be thrown away immediately. Worn or used items are donated or donated to charities such as Goodwill. The most valuable items, such as the dining table, can be sold on Craigslist or to friends via Facebook for cash.

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