Ovarian Cancer, its Treatment and Cost


Ovary is a part of female reproductive system and a woman possesses two ovaries in each side which produce the female eggs. Most of the ovarian tumours grow from the epithelial or outer portion of the organ and most of them remain as benign which means non-malignant. However, some of them may turn to be cancerous and results in serious ailments. If you are diagnosed with it you should clearly know about it and the treatment and the cost. Many press the panic button but there is no need for it. Consult to your doctor and know in details about the stage and treatments and side effects too.

What it is

There are various types of ovarian tumours. Epithelial tumours may be benign in nature which means not cancerous. It doesn’t lead to any serious or threatening illness. Your doctor will clearly tell you about this. Some ovarian tumours are on the borderline showing malignancy in low levels. In that case also your doctor will tell you what to do next. There are some ovarian tumours which may be malignant. More than 80 percent of ovarian cancers are from epithelial ovarian tumours. When tested in labs they may appear to have many characteristics. They may be categorised in further different types. Some of these tumours may grow slowly while some are fast. Doctors even give grades to such tumours. However, with the advancement to medical science treatments are available. Consult your doctor and do according to the suggestions.

Cost of Treatment

Depending upon the type of treatment the cost varies. However ovarian cancer treatment cost in India is significantly lower when compared to countries like the United Kingdom and the USA. So people from different countries come to India now for treatment. There are several organisations too who help to arrange the medical visa, doctors, and lodging for you. If you are from abroad you may contact them before coming. You may book an appointment online sending your report or chat with them online for necessary advices. They will also inform you about the ovarian cancer treatment cost in India.

Reasons for Ovarian Cancer

Even now the reasons of ovarian cancer are unknown. Only some factors researchers point out which may decrease the chance of it. Taking the pills which controls birth or giving the birth of babies may reduce the chance. Ligation of tubes and hysterectomy also reduces the risk, some researchers tells. More researches are going on always to know about the genetic factors and other possible reasons to know the reasons so that people may take preventive measures. However, once you are diagnosed don’t delay to take the advantage of available treatments in consultation with your doctor.

Don’t Confuse with Ovarian Cyst

Commonly we sometimes confuse cysts with. But the case is not so. Ovarian cysts are actually inside ovary a quantity of fluid collected. In most cases they vanish too after sometime. Most of them don’t cause any serious or threatening complications. However some of them may appear to be harmful. Your doctor will treat the cyst and may observe if it is reduced in size with the progress of time. There are many hospitals with world class infra structure which will let you know about the treatment and the ovarian cancer treatment cost in India and the same for the cysts also.

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