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Our Guide To The Symptoms Should You Look Out For When Identifying Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are one of the leading disorders of the veins in which they deform and take adverse shapes. If you are affected with varicose veins, you need to go under medical supervision and seek treatment. If the condition of this disease advances, you might face pain and difficulties. Mainly the varicose veins affect the feet of the patient. There are many places where you can get varicose veins treatment London.

Some of the leading symptoms of varicose veins are mentioned below that can help you identify the condition of varicose veins and take the treatment measures at the earliest.

Purple-coloured veins

When varicose veins occur, the veins of the affected area change its colour to purple. You can be sure about being affected by varicose vein if you find that the veins are turning blue. Mainly, you can find the disorder happening in your legs. You must seek for a medical practitioner immediately if this condition arises. Always remember that an early diagnosis can be the best for fighting with varicose veins.

Twisted veins

Deformations of the veins lead to the disorder of varicose veins. You might find the veins taking a bulging shape. In general cases, this condition is seen in the legs of the patient. On advancement of the symptom, you might find cord like patches on your legs. This is one of the clear indications of varicose veins.


Swollen legs can be one of the most prominent indications of varicose veins. The swelling can happen in the lower foot and it can result in a problem for walking. If this happens to you at any time, it will be better for you to choose to take the varicose veins treatment London.

Increasing pain in the foot

Generally, most patients do not experience any pain while varicose veins happen. However, in some cases, a patient feels abrupt pain in the foot in case of standing or sitting for a long time. The doctors are well efficient to treat this pain. So, you are suggested to go to one of them. Apart from pain, itching might also occur near the affected place.

Skin colour discolouration

If you see that the skin colour near the deformed veins is changing gradually, you can be sure for it being varicose veins. There are many medical as well as house remedies that you can choose to treat the condition of varicose veins.

So, these are some of the leading symptoms that you can consider concentrating upon while being sure about varicose veins. Consider the treatment procedures to be simple and you won’t need to be anxious about the side effects of it. With proper care and medication, you can avoid the adverseness of varicose veins.

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