Observing Safety At Construction Sites


Health and safety are prime concerns of all working organisations. Different health safety programmes are conducted to aware the workforces. This involves training them through different courses such as SSSTS, SMSTS and the IOSH modules.

The SMSTS, acronym of Site Management Safety Training Scheme course aims to train the employees about the dire need to observe safety at construction sites. The SMSTS training Essex emphasises on necessary health and safety regulations.

Who must take the SMSTS Course?

This course is mandatory for all the people who occupy senior positions at a construction site. They make be contractors, site managers, surveyors, and project leads. In brief, those who carry the planning and control all the tasks of a construction site must undergo the SMSTS training course. It aims to make them aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Insights of the SMSTS Course:

The SMSTS training Essex imparts all the necessary skillset to the candidates. The applicants will learn how to identify the risks and control them effectively to prevent hazards. It teaches the safety instructions that must be followed at civil engineering and building sites. The applicants are informed to use appropriate equipment to reduce the potential hazards. Also, they will learn about different dangers at the site such as flammable liquids, asbestos, electrical cables and how to manage the restricted spaces.  Brief synopsis about the important legislative bodies that control the regulations of the construction sphere are given to the participants.

The SMSTS course includes the following important perspectives:

  • Designing a proper layout and plan of a site
  • Safe handling of plant machinery and other construction equipment
  • Examining the physical health of the workforces
  • Overseeing the construction tasks that are performed at heights
  • Concrete efforts to ensure health and safety at the site premises
  • Careful transportation of plant machinery
  • Warning boards for excavations, fire and danger
  • Information about Construction Design Management (CDM)
  • Assessing the risks and following the Principle of Prevention
  • Delegation of duties and responsibilities among the managers, supervisors and  workforces
  • Strong communication among the workers
  • Ensuring Safe working Environment
  • Laws and Regulations of the construction industry

Evaluation of the SMSTS Course:

The SMSTS Course continues for five days. They are held every month in different parts of UK. Workshops and training sessions are conducted to aware the participants about the safety measures. The attendees are evaluated to judge their performance. A questionnaire is conducted to find the knowledge and skill set of the participants. After the successful completion of the course, the contestants are awarded by certificates which are valid for five years. The SMSTS course is administered by well-qualified professionals who have immense experience in the construction industry. At the end of the course, the attendees will be capable to enough to execute their duties at the construction sectors. The SMSTS refresher course must be taken six months prior to the expiration of the SMSTS certificate.

Register yourselves for the SMSTS course and enjoy learning in comfortable learning environment. The trained experts give you on-site demonstrations and enrich the realm of your knowledge.

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