Must try Noodle Dishes in Singapore


Noodle dishes in Singapore is a combination of different influences that was inherited by the Singapore cuisine. Influences from Hong Kong, Malaysia and India has done a great deal in making a wide array of noodle dishes. Many locals and tourists have tasted these dishes and have kept coming back for more. You can always find good restaurants that serve really delicious noodle dishes. There are some who have unique features that makes their noodle dish more delicious than others. You can have noodles and dim sum delivery as well from restaurants that offer to deliver to your home or office.

There are noodle dishes that are dry and some that have soup. You can enjoy them in many other ways. You can enjoy noodle dishes that are spicy, salty, sweet, creamy and many more. Trying noodle dishes is always included in the to do lists of foreign people visiting Singapore. Here are some of the noodle dishes in Singapore that you should definitely consider trying:

Wanton Mee

The Singapore version of Wanton Mee is stir fried but soaked in sweet light sauce. Though the influence of Wanton Mee is from Hong Kong, Singapore still managed to have it as one of their signature noodle dishes. Wanton Mee is topped with slices of pork char siew, a few leaves of bok choy and the highlight of the dish, the wanton dumplings. Wanton dumplings can be served steamed or fried. If you wanted it to be spicy, you can request for it and they will add some chilies while cooking the dish. If you do not want it spicy, especially if children will eat it, the chef will add tomato sauce instead.


Laksa is more from the influence of Malayisa. It is a noodle soup dish but instead of using broth, the soup is added with coconut milk to make it creamy and it has a distinct curry flavor. There are different types of Laksa, and sometimes you also can request for additional ingredient to be added. The noodles used in this dish are vermicelli noodles topped with fish cakes, shrimp, bean curd puffs and mixed with bean sprouts. This noodle dish can either be spicy or not.

Bak Chor Mi

This noodle dish is dry with a light sauce and there are different noodles that can be used in the dish. You can order either the flat noodles or the thin noodles. In some restaurants, they also use bee hoon, mee tai mak and misua. The dish is topped with slices of meet, salty fish and slices of pork liver.

Hokkien Prawn Mi

This is another stir fried noodle dish with a generous amount of sauce to add to the taste. The dish is more classified as seafood noodles. The ingredients will be more on shrimps, squid, and slice of fish cake. This is a combination of rice noodles and egg noodles. The dish is stir friend and added with an egg and a sauce is added just enough to give a rich flavor to the noodle dish.

Mee Siam

A lot of people love this noodle dish. This dish has the influence of the Muslim cooking but is now very famous in Singapore. The dish uses Siamese noodles. The sauce is made up of tamarind flavor and a sweet and spicy taste generates more flavor to the dish. Fermented bean paste and dried shrimp is also added to the sauce and it’s topped with boiled egg, chives and bean curd puffs.

Mee Rebus

This dish is almost the same as Mee Siam but the sauce is sweet curry sauce. The noodles used are egg yellow noodles but fat. The sauce is thicker and richer. The sauce uses potato starch to thicken it and peanuts, dried shrimp and bean paste are added. Mee Rebus has some shrimp, eggs and topped with spring onions.

Fish Slice Bee Hoon

This noodle dish is soup that uses fish stock to flavor it. The added ginger brings more flavor. The noodles used in this dish is the bee hoon. The dried fish bones is boiled for several hours to release the taste. The broth is flavorful and really good in warming your tummy. For some restaurants, they add evaporated milk to the soup to add more flavor. Many people would love eating this dish spicy.

Singapore restaurants usually deliver noodles. Don’t be scared about your order getting spilled because they do a good job at securing it. So aside from just having dim sum delivery, you can also consider noodles delivery for your next meal.

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