Medical Prescription Made Affordable


Everybody has the right to live well and have good health. When we get sick, we should be able to get the products and services we need to recover. It is rather unfortunate that some prescription medications have gotten so expensive. Many have become out of reach for a large number of Americans. Patients that need them have a hard time raising the required funds to obtain their supplies. Those who are dealing with chronic ailments are especially vulnerable because they need a continuous inflow. Do not lose hope if you are in this situation. There’s always a way if you know where to look.

Program Assistance

For instance, do you know that pharmaceutical corporations routinely give away their products for free? This is not done at random, of course, but they can provide this much needed assistance if the conditions are right. They usually have programs for the underprivileged that people can try to join. Check the requirements as these companies set their own rules. If you think that you qualify, then send in an application right away for their evaluation. These programs can be difficult to spot for those who are not in the industry. Seek the help of an advocate to expedite the process.

Eligibility Requirements

These will only be applicable for those who are citizens of the US. Legal residents are also welcome. Be sure to have your documents ready in case the program managers ask for them. You also have to be someone that does not have the benefit of a prescription insurance coverage or are under-insured. Monthly income should be low to moderate. In other words, you have to prove that you are financially challenged and that the program is your best chance of obtaining the medication. Some of these accept applicants who have private insurance or even Medicare Part D. Refer to their guidelines for clarification.

Drug Acquisition

Approval times vary. There are companies that get swamped with applications making it hard for them process it all. Others are able to make decisions quite quickly. Once an application is approved, patients will just have to wait until their supplies arrive. The majority of companies send in large batches that can last for as long as 90 days. It could take a month or a little longer for them to get to your door. There are programs that speed up the process by sending vouchers instead. These can be presented to local pharmacies for big discounts.

Application Process

Patients can get info directly to certain programs if they are able to locate these. Most, however, will have better chances if they use the services of advocates. They will hunt for programs that suit the patient’s needs. They’ll do everything they can to find medical prescription loans, freebies and discounts — anything that can aid people who are having trouble paying for their treatments. Just call for inquiries or send an online application. Service providers may charge a monthly subscription fee or a flat fee per subscription.

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