Living for Others – The True Wealth


Jesus Christ came to this Earth to teach men that it is possible to be happy through service to others, He was the only Son of God, and God could have easily sent his Son as a wealthy, rich and affluent person. However, God did not choose that, just to make people believe that if Jesus could do all those things, it is absolutely possible for every other normal standard human being too to do them.

He did not do the extraordinary, instead He did the simplest thing to stay happy — He served others. He came to teach mankind that by helping others you do not just make their lives happy but you gain happiness for yourself as well. It is this teaching of Jesus that the Westside Family Church firmly believes in and this is what instigates them to go out and help all the people in and around their community.

The world has really become extremely hard hearted in general; you rarely get to see people who offer any kind of service to the needy, selflessly. Everyone is busy gathering more and more wealth for themselves, but little do they realize what they are losing in the bargain. It is not a bad thing to earn money, but doing something fruitful and good with that money is what actually gives meaning to your life.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS are doing an excellent work by the kind of service they offer to help in the development of the community. They do not hesitate to preach through their actions what Jesus taught all His life – love your neighbor as yourself. They follow the teaching of Jesus which said that collecting treasures on Earth will not give you eternal bliss; this is just a temporary thing. Instead, what does guarantee you a place in Heaven, is your life lived well by serving and caring for others.

This church believes that since no one is aware of their time of death accumulating wealth may ultimately prove to be utterly futile, but that does not mean you do not earn anything. What you need to do is earn as well as give, when you give away with an open heart, the Bible promises that you will never live in any sort of inconvenience or deficiency. No matter what and how you are striving to earn wealth, the thing that will give you complete satisfaction at the end of the day is your relationship with God.

Your relation with God ought to be the foremost thing in your life, once that is in the best condition you will not feel the need of running after the material things as much as you otherwise do. And it is through the acts of kindness, love and care that you will be able to add meaning to your otherwise, materialistic, robotic life. You could be the richest person in the whole wide world but if you do not have God in your life, and reverence and sympathy towards your community people,  everything will seem to be meaningless.

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