LG G7 is going to be a great smartphone of 2018


LG cannot be determined with the general line in the development of smartphones. This year, by launching LG G6, LG has proved its potential and also set their aim towards next beast smartphone LG G7.

The share of LG smartphones on the market every year is reducing gradually, but the company still holds in the top ten most successful brands and is not ready to despair. Nevertheless, each new flagship of LG gets a new design and it can be easily observed by looking at the past two launches LG has brought to the world i.e., G5 and G6.

Talking about the LG G6, this year, the bet is placed on display. And LG has not turned to AMOLED-technology (unfortunately) and pushed all its chips in the direction of increasing the ratio of the diagonal of the display and the size of the device. Due to the non-standard aspect ratios 18: 9, in fact, we are dealing with a smartphone, which in size corresponds to a conventional unit with 5.2-inch display, except that it has a 5.7-inch screen. The same is done and Samsung has presented recently its Galaxy S8, but LG’s right to receive a medal for the first place. Also, we can expect that the LG would follow the same strategy for the next LG G7 beast.

LG G6 is again radically redesigned: the device has received the glass back cover and finally lost a removable battery, but gained watertight (IP68). Another (and perhaps the most controversial) feature of the G6 – the use of the hardware filling, pressing machines for the last year: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Thus, the company subscribes to the notorious backlog G6 performance from almost all flagships, which will be presented afterward. Hope, LG would use the latest processor in next LG G7.

Additionally, in G6, there are several inherited elements of predecessors: dual camera, wide-angle lens, and the power button located on the rear panel. It is usually combined with a fingerprint reader. According to an investor, we might see the fingerprint scanner embedded into the screen in a slit of 0.03 mm removing the pads or buttons.

Appearance, ergonomics, and software

The main thing that has made LG screens a choice of a new format – a unique look. With recognizable Koreans have not always been going smoothly: for example, if G4 with its leather back cover did not look like anything else, the G5 is not too stood out from the crowd. G6 is again very difficult to confuse with other brands of smartphones – and not only because of the logo below the screen. Then, as the last entered in the front panel, the combination of shape and thickness, volume buttons, tucked away on the left face instead of the usual right,

LG G6, faceplate: above the display situated earpiece, the status indicator, front camera, and proximity and brightness sensors. Hope, LG will bring its next beast smartphone LG G7 with a modern stylish look and new design concept.

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