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Divorce has become a very common phenomenon in the present fast paced world, and one of its by products is ‘Child Custody’. Apparently divorce might be the best option available for the couple going through a rough patch of life not being able to accept each other, yet its repercussions are rather disastrous, and the children, if any, are always on the receiving end.

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The process of divorce is one of intense emotional turmoil along with some amount of financial disturbance too. Fighting for children, property and your rights all at the same time is not an easy task. Especially the cases of child custody are rarely nice to experience, and rather difficult to predict when both the parties have strong points to put before the court. There are however, a few basic grounds based on which the decision is mostly taken.

The priority is given to the child, if he/she has reached an age to voice an opinion. Each state has its own laws pertaining to child custody, some states are known to interview the child separately, so that he/she does not feel pressurized by either parent to be biased. These interviews are highly confidential, and the judge in most cases behaves as informally as possible, to make the child feel comfortable and at home. In some cases, the judge appoints a custody evaluator to speak to the child. The views of the child are given more value if they have crossed the age of 14.

This opinion of the child will largely be influenced by the kind of relationship he/she had with the parents. In case, the judge understands that the child is more comfortable with one of the parent then there are possibilities that the decision would turn in that favor. Again if a parent does not have time for the child owing to the busy schedule or does not want to see them at all, then this makes it easier for the court to take a decision for the child.

The mental and physical condition of a parent could be a deciding factor in the case of child custody, because for obvious reasons, the parent needs to be fit in order to be able to take the responsibility of the child. The work obligations of both parents and finally the wishes of the parents, are among the other factors that a court considers during this sort of legal proceeding.

The priority in child custody is always the security and wellbeing of the child or children concerned and that is what is done in all cases of child custody.

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