Krill Oil and Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the world’s deadly diseases but with its documentation, awareness has become common among people who have it and those who have symptoms of it making it manageable.

26 million people in the US have diabetes but 7 million are undiagnosed and are still unaware that they have the condition. In the UK, there are 3 million people who have been diagnosed for the condition. At the moment, these statistics is still on the rise.

The Diabetes Complications

There are two types of diabetes. The type 1 is the juvenile onset diabetes which makes the immune system attack the cells that produce insulin resulting to little up to no insulin production. Type 1 diabetics may need to inject insulin everyday to control the glucose levels in the blood. The type two diabetes are adult onset diabetes. Insulin deficiency is experienced but it can be a non-insulin dependent kind of diabetes. Though the second one diabetes may not sound serious as it can be change through diet and exercise, it shouldn’t be considered as something to be mild.

Pregnancy can also trigger diabetes; this type is called gestational diabetes.

Diabetes complications can result to the following:

  1. 1. Cerebrovascular disease
  2. 2. Blindness
  3. 3. Neuropathy
  4. 4. Loss of sensitivity
  5. 5. Ulceration and amputation for diabetic foot
  6. 6. Complications during pregnancy leading to birth defects
  7. 7. Nephropathy in the kidney
  8. 8. Oral health disease
  9. 9. Death

These complications would make us think, what can be the cause of such conditions for it to be vengeful against the body? Reasons are diabetes can be caused by many factors such as genetics, age and even lifestyle. Physical inactivity, poor diet and excess weight may trigger the condition and make it worse.

Omega-3 and Diabetes 2

Krill oil is known to control high blood sugar and can reduce risk factors of diabetes. That is aside from its ability to reduce triglycerides and blood lipid profiles.

Krill oil can reduce the elevation of lipid and glucose levels. It can improve insulin sensitivity. Due to the liver’s inability to properly break down macronutrients in the body, fatty acids may increase and pile on the bloodstream but krill oil can make a difference in it by breaking down sugars, proteins, and other micronutrients. These will help prevent the free circulation of these in the blood stream which might cause arterial plugs later.

Another benefit of krill oil may come in its ability to boost glucose metabolism. Once omega-3 is raised in the blood, the impairment of glucose metabolism can be prevented.

In a related study of Bunea R, El Farrah K and Deutsch L., 1 to 3 grams of krill oil has been administered to diabetics. The grams that have been given as a dosage had depended on the weight of the person. The heavier the higher the dose. The study has concluded that krill oil has better anti-diabetes properties compared to fish oil and the placebo groups.

Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes can be prevented and be reduced in symptoms if several things are done. Of course the first thing above is the consumption of food that is high in omega-3 or the intake of krill oil as supplement. Another is the changing of diets. Having more greens and naturals in meals can help improve your immune system.

These healthy diets may lead to stabilization of weight. Healthy weight is one of the major recommendations to help fight diabetes. Another is physical activity. Simple routines everyday can do. Proper exercise should be done to prevent and treat diabetes effectively.

And lastly, regular medical check-ups can be the next big thing you can do for your health. Proper medical evaluation can help check your progress or even prevent some demise in your parts.

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