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Know Different Types of Steak and what is Best One to Order

Usually most popular steaks for grilling or broiling are those which are mainly from short loin, tenderloin and rib sections of beef. Taste differs in different person which is based on individual’s preferences. Preferences are based on tenderness and juiciness that lead to steak enjoyment. One of the top five most popular steaks ordered from steak houses are as given below-

  • Tenderloin Filet- It is also known as Filet Mignon. It is the most tender of steaks that has quite little fat marbling. As it is both lean and tender, it is best to take care of their fat intake. It has little mild flavour than other cuts. As it has little fat which renders into steak while it is cooked, it is not juicy as like other kind of steaks and can thus become dry when cooked beyond medium.
  • Ribeye Steak- The ribeye has most abundant fat marbling in it. It is reason why this is considered as most juicy as well as most flavourful from all sort of steaks. This is one of the choices of real steak aficionados. It is beefy, robust and fatty as well. However it can be too fatty for someone. It has a bone in option. It is from same cut as like standing rib roast. After roasting, it is called Prime Rib. When sliced into steaks and grilled or broiled, it then becomes ribeye chop.
  • New York Strip- The New York is called sometimes Kansas City. It is best steak when all are considered. It has very less fat than ribeye and is almost tender. It has flavour of its own. It is succulent and buttery. Some steakhouses also offer their bone in version.
  • T- Bone Steak- The T-bone steak is just like a two steaks in one. One can easily get confused regarding which steak to eat- Tenderloin Filet or New York Strip steak. One just has to hit the jackpot of all steaks. This is because features of both filet and s New York strip portion is separated by T shaped bone and thus its name. If one like steak medium, must try this one. The meat which sets next to the bone is difficult to reach temperatures without overcooking the entire steak.
  • Porterhouse Steak- The Porterhouse and T-bone are usually the same cut of steak. In fact, this steak is called as king of t-bones. It is large version of T-bone because it is a cut from further loin section. It is bigger with large piece of tenderloin filet. Usually one may find smaller Porterhouse than twenty ounces. There is around forty eight ounce Porterhouse steaks allowed to some steak house restaurants. It is one of the perfect steaks to share allowing someone to taste both Filet Mignon and New York Strip.

What is the Ideal Size of Steak One Should Order?

Each person has its own choice. That is up to them. Leftover of steak acts as good snack for midnight. Ordering appetizer, salad, and adding a potato, it is hard to imagine an average person is able to eat steak which is larger than eight to twelve ounces. Also larger steaks are expensive than smaller steak.  It is good to order medium sized steak from best steak restaurant, which is enough in itself.



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