Kid-Friendly Hiking Spots In North Island NZ


If you and your kids are heading out on a motorhome hire new zealand trip that will be taking in the North Island, then you are in for a wondrous family experience that you will never forget. One of the top hiking destinations in the world, the North Island has many trails and regions to explore. Since you will have your kids along, you will want to stick to areas with guided tours and less strenuous trails. Fortunately for you, most of the top hiking spots in this region meet both of these requirements, so you will be able to have the kids along and enjoy this epic scenery as a family.

Waitomo Caves

If you wish for your kids to have a truly wondrous experience then definitely take them to the Waitomo Caves. Here you will experience the extensive underground waterways that form a subterranean world unto itself that has to be seen to be believed. Many thousands of glow worms inhabit these tunnels, lighting up the limestone walls. You can take a guided tour by both boat and foot that will give you a look into a subterranean world. Exploring this underground wonderland is an absolute must for anyone wishing to experience the unique beauty of the North Island. It’s one of the most unique hiking experiences you and your family will ever have.

Tongariro National Park

One of the most fascinating features of the North Island are the many volcanoes that make up the terrain. Tongariro National Park houses three of the most famous, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, and Ruapehu. Here you will also find unbelievable emerald lakes and boiling mud pools. The famous Red Crater, which is still active, can be seen. Plus you can get a look at the majestic rapids that run through the park. This diversity of terrain and majestic beauty is what New Zealand nature is all about, and you can get a great cross section of all these aspects at Tongariro. There are guided tours on offer, plus many of the trails are low level and can be taken with children.

Waitakere Ranges

This is one of the best places to check out the epic rainforests of the region. Here you will find the New Zealand bush land in its purest form, with its expanse of rainforests, scenic peaks, and famous black sand beaches which will be unlike any coastal scenery you have ever witnessed. You and your children can take one of the many tours on offer in this region. There are many places to hike, and this is highly recommended since this will be some of the most unique scenery you will ever experience. You can watch a stunning sunset over a black sand beach, walk along the deserted coastline, explore the otherworldly rainforests, and spot a vast array of wildlife. Obviously this is an opportunity you will not want to pass up for your family.

Huka Falls

Located on the Waikato River, the Huka Falls are an incredible collection of waterfalls that are an absolute must for motorhome hire new zealand travelers. Here you will see the deep blue waters cascade over rock formations and crash into the waters below. There are over a dozen individual waterfalls here and you can easily spend an entire day observing them all. From soothing small falls to massive raging ones, Huka Falls is truly a waterfalls paradise that your children will be awed by.

Bay Of Islands

In the waters off the North Island lay the subtropical Bay of Islands. This paradise is lined with some of the most gorgeous stretches of wild beach found anywhere on the planet. Deep blue waters stretch as far as the eye can see and the hills are dotted with lush tropical forest. The hiking here is famous for its unique splendor, with thousands of individuals travelling here each year to experience the thrills of the catch. In a country famous for its wild coastline hiking, Bay of Islands is easily near the top of the list and is the perfect tropical getaway for you and your family.

Cathedral Cove

This cove is a natural wonder featuring a majestic stretch of wild beach, panoramic water views, and the world famous cathedral rock towering over the landscape. This is a fine example New Zealand’s undeveloped and beautiful coastline and you will certainly want to keep it on your bucket list for places for you and your family to hike on the North Island.

The North Island is one of the top places for a family motorhome hire new zealand journey offering truly epic scenery, unique terrain, and some of the best hiking opportunities to be found not only in New Zealand but in the world. Make sure to rank it high on your bucket list.

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