Keep your child cool in summer


Keeping their child safe and healthy throughout the year is the most important duty of every single parent. Every season has its advantage and disadvantage. One has to task care of their child according to that.

Summer has set in completely, and in tropical countries like India, it is extremely hot and humid at the same time. The scorching sun is glaring its eyes during day times along with hot winds. But one can also keep their little child cool in this sweaty and sultry weather. Everyone has smart phones these days where they can download several apps which can come for help. There are some baby care apps as well which one can download and can get advice on how to look after a child during this hot weather.

Here are some things which are mandatory and one has to follow them each day on their child at least during summers.

  • One has to regulate the biddy temperature of the kids. If you have a new born child at your home, then you definitely have to do this. This is because; they need to adjust the body temperature according to the surroundings. If there is a sudden rise or low in temperature, then it can be difficult for them. When at home try to keep them under the fan, and it is too hot then tries to keep them in an AC room. Otherwise, they can have health problems.
  • If you are stepping out of your house with your newborn, then a thin cotton blanket should be there to wrap them up so that they can be saved easily from the glaring sun. There are apps for new parents from where you can get an idea on what your kids should wear when they are going out especially during day time. No matter whether they are toddlers or a bit older than that, you have to use only cotton clothes. Do not make your kids wear other fabrics during summer as skin rashes can happen due to heavy sweats. Always choose light colours like white, lemon, pink and sky blue. Remember, cotton based clothes are best for your kids as they provide better air circulation and keeps the body cool in return. When they are at home use lighter clothing on them. Make them wear a bit loose clothes and try to choose full-length and full-sleeved dresses to keep them safe from the sun rays.
  • Make your kids stay indoors mostly during day time. Do not let them out for playing or other staffs when the sun is in the sky. Take them outdoors only when the sun goes down. Till then they can play in the room.
  • Keep your babies hydrated. Ensure that your kids drink enough water. If you have a toddler at home, then feed them water in a regular interval and if you have a bit grown up kids then make them drink at least a glass of water every hour. You can also give them some fresh fruit juices and healthy drinks but do not give them sodas. Make them some light and healthy food in summer so that they do not have any digestion problems.

There are best apps for moms which can guide you for a better look after for your child.

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