Issues that could crop up during the tenure of pregnancy


Pregnancy is a special time in your life. With a week by week growth video you might have brushed on a lot of concepts. As much as you are excited about the pending pregnancy you can expect some minor hiccups on the way. As per pregnancy growth video, most problems that you come across during this stage happen to be common. If you do face any discomfort it does make sense to consult your doctor. Their advice would be more than handy at this point of time. Let us now explore some of the common issues that might crop up when you are pregnant.

Bleeding gums

  • The moment you become pregnant, some amount of pain or swelling in the gums happens to be common when you happen to brush
  • When you brush blood from the gums might emerge. All this happens due to hormonal changes that occur during the tenure of pregnancy
  • It could also point to the occurrence of a gum disease. Just discuss with the dentist or doctor before you go ahead in terms of treatment.

A feeling of hotness

  • During pregnancy the chances are that you might feel very hot, though the weather outside might not be that hot
  • You might be suffering from a heatstroke and this could be accompanied by a reasonable degree of sweating
  • You do not a change in the blood supply to the skin and this does happens to the rise in hormone levels. All these factors contribute to body heat during the course of pregnancy

Incontinence urine

This could be one of the embarrassing issues during the tenure of pregnancy. When you laugh loud or sneeze it is common that a little bit of urine may flow in. This does go on to pose one of the major issues during the course of pregnancy and even after that.

When you do become pregnant, the muscles of the pelvic begin to relax. This does help you get ready for the impending birth. What it does mean is that you do have less degree of control over the pelvic muscles. Just discuss with your doctor about the various types of pelvic exercises. At the same time the doctor might guide you on which exercises are safe to be tried.


  • There are bound to be several hormonal changes in your body that might make you constipated. It does make it very uncomfortable for you to pass stool
  • In order to combat the issues of constipation you would need to drink 10 glasses of water every day. At the same time you can plan to include liquids to your diet as well. Examples could be fresh juices or coconut
  • In case if the doctor might ask you to opt for iron supplements, just ask them whether the brand could be changed or whether it is possible for you to put it on hold for some time. This does arise to be one of the common problems with pregnancy.

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