Interesting Facts about Car Remote Entry


Remote or keyless entry is one of the most useful innovations and best thing to happen in motor vehicles since central locking. The car remote is generally used to electronically lock or open the doors from a short-distance thereby eliminating the requirement of a key, or in some older vehicles separate keys to secure the doors and operate the ignition. There are plenty of interesting facts about car remote entry which we briefly glance at below.

The Components Involved

At the Petaluma Honda dealership, we were explained that the remote key fob generally consists of two radio units – a receiver cum controller unit which is installed in the vehicle and an external short-range transmitter with programmed push buttons to send signal instructions to the unit. The receiver unit receives the coded signals sent by the external unit, decodes the instructions and performs the required operation. Each pair of units consists of a unique encrypted pairing code that binds them together so that there is no conflict or mismatch when other such units within each-others range operate simultaneously.

New Capabilities

Remote entry in the current day scenario is just not about using a pushbutton remote to lock or unlock your car door and operate the windows and unlock the boot. Remote entry systems have come a long way since just being devices to lock or unlock the doors. They are now coupled with the vehicle security systems such as the burglar alarm and sport various control mechanisms that allow you to operate the windows, the convertible roof, the sunroof, the AC and heating mechanism, the infotainment system, remote start/stop of the engine and even go to a crazy level where you can park the vehicle remotely. It’s possible in no time, traditional keys will disappear altogether, replaced by these awesome gadgets.

Technological Advancements

The systems have evolved continuously and many alternatives to the traditional infrared system have emerged such as Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) based and many are now mobile App based so you can operate the doors, locks and everything within using your smartphone. Some of the high-end vehicles now come with the most advanced remote devices that consist of touch screen control that allow you to manage almost every aspect of the vehicle from opening and closing the doors to starting and stopping the engines, operating the lights, changing the color of the LEDs and going further such as choosing the vehicle transmission modes such as the sport or eco modes.

Smart Security

As explained by the experts of the Petaluma Honda dealer, with almost every technology having security loopholes, the remote keyless entry systems are being gradually susceptible to criminal infringement as well. That’s why some of the systems come with a few cool smart security systems that require you to have the correct vehicle key in the ignition before you begin to program your remote. This is one kind of double protection that helps. Still further, vehicle security systems have simultaneously evolved with multi-level security protection that involve vehicle immobilizers that are triggered when something amiss is detected.

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