Important Facts To Know About Visa Waiver Program And ESTA


Applying for a visa to the US may seem like a complicated process. It is because the prospective travellers need to fulfil various formalities so as to travel to the US for varying purposes. Thanks to the Visa Waiver Program that the entire task and procedure for the visa application has been eased and simplified by the online visa that is issued in the form of ESTA. The visitors may very easily apply for and get this visa so that they may travel freely to US and across it. Though it is an automatic and electronic travel authorisation that facilitates easy travelling to US however the applicants still remain doubtful about both ESTA and Visa Waiver. Here are some important facts to know about both VWP and the ESTA so that you may apply for the same in an appropriate manner and surely get approved the same.

What ESTA is aimed at?

ESTA that basically stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation is an online visa that is granted to all those who are willing to travel to the US, across it or via it to other destinations from Visa Waiver Program countries. In simple words, it acts as a simple security check and travel authorisation that may be used by the frequent travellers to travel to US without experiencing any problems or hurdles.

What Visa Waiver Program is meant for?

Known as VWP in short, it is a special run program by the Department of Homeland Security to the citizens coming from certain countries to the US. It is to be noted that only certain countries are covered under this program and is not applicable to all the countries.

For what purpose ESTA may be applied for?

It is also an important point to note about ESTA. The travellers who wish to travel to the US for business purpose or just for the sake of tourism may apply for this visa. It is not meant for other purposes such as education, employment or permanent residence wherein the travellers need to stay in US for a lengthy duration exceeding a period of 90 days.

For how much period is this visa valid?

The online visa granted in the form of ESTA is valid for a period of two years from the date of its issuance. However, the travellers may stay in the US for a period of 90 days or less than that during each visit. After its expiry date, you need to get the visa renewed. At the same time, a new visa is also required in case you have got a new passport issued.

Do you need an additional visa if you have ESTA?

ESTA visa allows the travellers to travel freely to the US without the need for any additional visa. You just need to have your passport, ESTA and other documents required to be shown to the customs. ESTA serves as the complete travel authorisation for the applicants.

By knowing these important facts about ESTA as well as Visa Waiver Program, anyone may apply for and get the ESTA granted in an easy manner.

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