Importance of cleaning sewage discharge


In order to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for people to work and live in, there is a need to clean the sewage discharges. Sewage consists of the waste-water, be it from houses, shops, institutes, hospitals or industries or any other place. This water also includes the waste materials in it. These sewage discharges should be efficiently removed from their source and transferred to an environmentally safe place where it could be treated and the rest could be disposed of.

A typical sewage system mostly consists of a network of drains, manholes, pipes, lift stations, and traps, etc. All these are used to collect the waste-water and then transport it to the treatment plant. But sometimes, any obstruction can occur in the pipes due to any solid material like debris, roots of trees, etc. Or the pipe may break or fail due to any reason. This results in an interruption in the normal flow of the waste-water and it will accumulate along with solid materials which will lead to more blockage and eventually, to overflow.

When this happens, the untreated sewage discharges into the surrounding environment even before it goes to the treatment facility and this is known as sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). This can occur when excessive stormwater infiltrates the sewer pipes during heavy rainfall or due to breakage or blockage of the drain pipes etc. Combined sewer overflow (CSO) occurs is the sewer overflow that occurs in the municipal system that is designed with combined sewer.

This sewer discharge can be harmful to the environment and human health, if not corrected in time. There are waste materials in the waste-water that contain harmful microorganisms which can cause serious diseases to people living near the discharge area. The discharge is also a revolting sight for people and its smell is also very terrible. People cannot bear to go near the discharging gutters. 

The sewer discharge can also travel into any nearby clean water source and contaminate it. Like the river Windrush in the UK, there are many other rivers and wells that are being contaminated due to emergency sewer discharges, all around the world.

So, it is necessary to clean the sewer discharge before it starts destroying the environment and human health. There are many companies that clean sewage discharges. One such company is the Dallas, Texas Water Damage Restoration and Sewage Cleanup Company. Such companies use a team of experienced workers. If you call them and explain your problem, they first come and assess your damage or the severity of discharge. Then they make a recovery plan according to the condition. They include you in the strategy-making process and you know whatever they are going to do in order to solve your problem. 

Then they take their whole team and start working. They follow all the safety guidelines and precautions and use good quality equipment and remove the root cause of the overflow and discharge; be it a broken pipe or any solid material blocking the flow. After correcting the main cause, they extract the waste-water and use humidifiers. They do a thorough cleaning of the area affected by the discharge.

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