Human growth hormone Vs Steroids (AAS)


Human growth hormone is an essential hormone for the growth during the young age. When there is a decline in HGH, children are affected more than the adults. HGH is important for muscle and bone cells production. Apart from developing stronger bones and muscles, HGH also encourages carbohydrates and fats metabolism throughout the body along with minerals. That’s why athletes and fitness enthusiasts stack Human growth hormone with other anabolic androgenic supplements. HGH reduces body fat and makes muscle cells to grow but does not make stronger muscles. Testosterone has the tendency to make muscles bigger and stronger.

HGH is being produced by the pituitary, the master gland and it starts producing HGH when the hypothalamus sends signals about the deficiency. In the event of injury, malfunction or damage in the pituitary or hypothalamus, the deficiency of HGH is experienced. When HGH fails with its production, the synthetic form of HGH is supplied artificially to the body to boost GH level. Most of the medical professionals suggest Somatropin, a synthetic form of HGH.

Consuming synthetic version of human growth hormone develops many side effects especially when it is taken in high doses, severe side effects will be experienced. Combing HGH with other AAS should always be done with care and sudden stop or dosage changes will lead to potential side effects. So, taking a medical advice is better before starting such combinations. The side effects of HGH supplements are encountered as nausea, vomiting, joint pain, headache, and skin numbness. If HGH is administered as an injection, the sensitive people will have lumps, bumps, itching and irritation on the injected site. Administering injection in the same place should be avoided.

The difference between HGH and AAS:

Growth hormone causes for carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention which is temporary and ends once the GH cycle is completed. If the AAS is not used properly, i.e. without proper dosage, it might lead to libido, hair loss, and acne vulgaris. AAS has the quality to suppress the testosterone level whereas HGH injection does not lead to any suppression.

Although both AAS and HGH accelerate protein synthesis, they have different functions and bind to different receptors.

GH bonds with peptide whereas AAS are variants of testosterone in the form of cycloalkanes.

Due to synergic effect, HGH AAS show better anabolic properties.

AAS helps in rapid muscle gain whereas HGH results will not last once the cycle ends

HGH stimulates muscle growth and fat loss simultaneously

The HGH and AAS duo work better than the standalone drug

Growth hormone binds to Somatropin receptors, IGF-1 to insulin and IGF receptors. AAS interacts with androgenic receptor which means the effects of AAS are independent and compete for HGH receptors.

Anabolic-androgenic supplements are cheaper than synthetic human growth drug and the availability of AAS is easier than HGH.

GH helps to gain lean mass muscle whereas the users cannot see dramatic results; however, it is safe for usage. AAS helps to gain muscle rapidly, but the negative effects are huge. One can combine both the drugs to achieve the desired result and AAS always compete for HGH receptors.

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