How to Get the Best Trade-In Value for Your Old Car


It is time to buy your new dream car and you have an old one to trade in. But before you set out to sit behind the new car steering wheel, won’t you be interested to get the best trade-in price for your old car? Unfortunately, in most cases finding a car dealer who will offer you a premium price for your trade in car is difficult to get, as not every dealer will follow the ethical guidelines that a trusted dealer like Petaluma Honda does.

Most of them will have plenty of negotiating tricks to manipulate the deal to turn totally in their favor. If you want to keep the deal at your side too, then it is time to learn some tactics on how to get the best trade in value for your old car.

Keeping Your Old Car in a Perfect Shape

The simplest possible way to keep the resale value of your old car high is to keep taking good care of it till the date you hand it over to the new owner or the dealership to whom you are approaching.

Wash your car, clean the interior to remove all the traces of it being used and misused. A bit of investment in this clean-up process preferably by hiring a professional would gain you in thousands of dollars.

Do the Necessary Research

At this age of internet and information technology, it is not hard to find out all the relevant information about how much a car like yours is worth of. This pre-knowledge will give you a confidence that the tricky negotiating table would not be able to knock down. Besides, it would also set your mental expectations right and won’t allow you to come back with a disappointed mind from the dealership showroom.

Learn Some Negotiating Skills

  • The first trick of availing the best trade-in value for your old car, while you buy a new, is following a few things on principle.
  • Do not bring the topic of your trade in car to the table until the price of your new car gets fixed.
  • Start negotiating the sale price of your new car separately from that of the trade-in car.
  • Once you settle with a reasonable purchase price for your new car, now inform the dealer that you are interested in trading in your current car and then the right appreciation price of the current car will finally seal the deal.

Shop Around

A car deal isn’t a child’s play. It is one of the major financial decisions that you cannot afford to let it go wrong. The experts of the Petaluma Honda dealership suggest the car owners to spend some time and effort till you settle down to a trade-in value that won’t make you financially unstable. Don’t shy away to shop around till you get a better trade-in deal.

The more you shop around, the more you get to know about car trade in deals. That will also let you know how much one dealer can differ from the other. Hence, you would also get the motivation to search for a deal that will finally make you happy.

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