How STX Entertainment is planning on greater business expansion in coming years


Robert Simonds is one of the most successful names in the Hollywood movie production business over the last 25 years. As an industry veteran, he has had many notable movies to his name, such as Problem Child, Leave It to Beaver and Corky Romano. Robert Simonds launched his own studio STX Entertainment back in 2014 with an aim to make movies that fill up the void in the film industry which has been made by the widespread popularity of superhero movies. It is his unique approach to filmmaking that has in turn brought massive media attention to his studio STX Entertainment.

From the very beginning, STX Entertainment has worked on multiple projects that have some of the best stars in the industry. However, Robert Simonds has made sure to work with gifted writers who can create a wide range of imaginative storylines to explore. According to Robert Simonds, one of the main problems with superhero movies is that they often have a similar arc for the heroes and villains which in turn limit the scope of storytelling. Moreover, the superhero movies often feature extensive computer animation and graphics work that take a lot of money to produce. Robert Simonds believes that it is possible to create movies that do not cost that much to create but can offer wholesome entertainment to the audience. His desire to distance himself from the superhero movie trends has garnered a lot of attention from the industry insiders when many filmmakers are trying their hands in making superhero movies.

Robert Simonds believes that while superhero movies do have a massive fan following, they still do not cater to all kinds of viewers. The reason for that is most of these movies appeal to a certain segment of audience. There are also those who would prefer to see movies that have a mature content. STX Entertainment is going to create movies for those viewers who prefer to watch such movies. Robert Simonds says that while these movies were more common at one point of time and leading studios in Hollywood used to create such movies, they have over the years refrained from doing so. This shift has been made not because of the fact that such movies are not able to produce substantial financial profits but there are other factors that led to their gradual decrease. STX Entertainment is going to create movies like these that can have a wider appeal in the international markets as well.

The best thing about STX Entertainment is that it starts with a strong financial background which can help the company to create innovative movies. They can also manage financial challenges associated with the moviemaking business that might come up in case some of the movies fail to produce the desired results. It is expected that STX Entertainment is going to churn up a few major hits in the coming years that is going to define the studio for years to come. This will also help the studio to work on bigger projects.

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