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How Sponsorship Has Changed the World of College Sports- Sandy Petrocelli Gives A Picture

College sports and athletics have always been an accessible space for brand endorsement, but in the last few decades, the way this has seamed with a different pace has never been seen before. There have been multiple acquisitions that have taken place, and the way college sports landscape has changed along with it has never been seen before. Unlike the pro sports league, the platform has given access to intellectual property, the digital assets and also some other forms of inventory as well.

This, according to Sandy Petrocelli, has pulled the attention of international brands. More and more aggregators are signing up a new deal with the college campuses for multi-campus deals. While the multi-market deals prove to make some sense on paper, they can potentially prove to be challenging for activation.

A highlight of Sponsorship Trends For College Athletes in 21st Century

The digital platforms have been a great boost, and like the rest of the properties, the colleges are nowadays creating few new digital platforms so that the sponsors can catch hold of them. Reaching out to the fans is as important as reaching out to the sponsors and keep them updated on the digital platforms is the best way this can be done. Some simple Twitter feeds, or Facebook posts can nowadays engage few hundred of followers into a lively conversation.

Apart from this, the college athlete and sports grounds have been one of the best arenas for the companies to have recruitment. Since engagement in sports ensures the most physically fit candidates, the companies make their recruitment cell working on such college athlete camps. Also, some companies take active participation in athletic programs where their employees represent them. As a result of this, they hire more sportsperson as that guarantees them secured positions in the programs.

Consumer-facing integrated programs is a great thing that has evolved over the years. Sandy Petrocelli has seen how companies are activating college sports to promote their corporate positioning in the market. This is a kind of strategy that has worked for the companies in finding their kind of exposure. Since college sports is something that draws in a culture separately engaging not just the faculty and the students, but also the local neighborhood and beyond, they find promoting such college sports is the best way to reach out to this expanded market and bring in more of attention.

Apart from the consumer-facing programs, the colleges have also been capable of delivering B2B platforms to the companies and ensures that it will bring back business to them as well. One campus partnership with a college athletic event allows the companies to come to the dire notice of rest of the colleges as well, which turns out to be a successful engagement in several ways. How unique can these college athletic events can go is beyond the imagination, and that draws more students into sports.

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