How safe are e-cigarettes for us?


E-cigarettes are totally different from any other common cigarette as it doesn’t require fire to burn itself. Thus e-cigarettes are mostly battery operated. There is a big question that when we say the word, e-cigarettes does it really mean that they are safe for us to consume?

Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, EC,electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or electronic non-nicotine delivery systems ,electronic smoking devices , personal vaporizers, or PVs. they’re hand-held devices, typically created to seem like standard cigarettes, and employed in an analogous approach. E-liquid or juice square measure names for the tasteful answer that goes within the e-cigarette. An aerosol, or vapor, is created by heating the e-liquid. Irish public health discussions check with NMNDS. once the Food and Drug Administration commissioned their 2018 report on ENDS that they label as a Tobacco Product, the authors selected to use the term e-cigarettes for a few use e-juice while not vasoconstrictive.

Thus to answer this below are the health effects of e-cigarettes on your body.”

Can affect brain development: As e-cigarettes have nicotine content in it, thus it can affect your brain development and growth very easily. No matter whether it is normal cigarette or vapor E-liquid Mate cigarettes liquid flavors nicotine affects your body the same.

Harmful flavors: The different flavors available in e-cigarettes can be very much harmful to your lungs as well as for you. It has toxins which easily reaches our lungs and we, later on, face many breathing problems.

It is affecting lungs functioning: As we are talking about toxins and other harmful content. When our lungs get exposed to all this, it creates pressure and makes it difficult for the lung to function properly or normally.

Poison: If accidentally anyone swallows the liquid of e-cigarette then it can cause a severe negative effect on him or her. As the liquid is stated to be poisonous if taken directly.

E-cigarettes don’t stop you from smoking: Usually, people have a misconception that e-cigarettes can make them stop from going with regular cigarettes but this not at all true. E-cigarettes just pacify your need for smoking it can never make you stop smoking.

Regular intake of nicotine can become an addiction: Yes, it’s very true that if continuous intake of nicotine is done the person may get so much addicted to it that it will act as a drug. The addition of nicotine can increase to any extent and can affect the person similar to when taken cocaine or drugs.

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