How does FBLinker help you reach out to a better audience


How passionately do you want to become a social media influencer? How much eager are you to create content and inspire millions of souls? How badly do you want to become a popular face on the internet where you own your own YouTube channel? If the answer to all of these questions is ‘very much’, then this article is tailor-made for you! To become a social media influencer, you need to be extremely passionate about your craft, dedicated to making dead ends meet, staying patient with a positive attitude while having the zeal to hold on even when things don’t go smooth.

The world of internet is vast where millions of people stream videos for hours and hours for seeking knowledge or entertainment. There are thousands of channels uploading content on YouTube every single day to gain popularity and to earn money. Some of the videos may be similar to one another as well because various minds from different corners of the world thrive on this platform together. So, why do you think people should watch your video and not others?

It will only happen when your video is unique and is never seen before by the audience. It also needs to be within a specific time limit as unnecessarily dragging the videos might lead you to receive negative feedback or lose subscribers. So, upload a video that is fun to watch and will not bore the audience even for a split second. If you can create such content, then be assured to develop a definite fan base on YouTube with a good number of subscribers.

Another pathway which you should follow as a social media influencer is to widen your horizons. You cannot remain confined to only one particular platform like YouTube to become famous. Over the last half a decade, it is evident that the biggest social media platform Facebook has twice the number of active users as compared to YouTube’s. So, it is necessary for you to share your content on Facebook to develop a global fan-base.

Note that Facebook has certain regulations which you strictly need to follow. There is a maximum time limit for each video, so it is better to upload content on YouTube which has no such time limitations. You are not required to upload content separately on YouTube and then again upload it on Facebook. You can simply use the tool called Fblinker which you will get online for free. You have to go the search engine and search for Facebook linker YouTube and avail any of the websites where this service is provided.

Copy and paste the link of your YouTube video on the specified bar of the website and the Fblinker will provide you with a new converted link that is compatible with Facebook. Post that new link on your Facebook timeline where you have many friends and family. Request them to share the link as much as possible. People on clicking that link will be auto-redirected to your YouTube channel where they can watch the full video. This will naturally increase likes and help you to reach out to a better audience!

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