How Does Chevrolet Onstar Help In Navigation


Being the first to integrate GPS satellite, Wi-Fi and other connectivity technologies to automobile, OnStar can now be installed in your Chevrolet car, present as a blue push button that connects two real life human beings on two ends, one seeking help while the other is ready to extend.

The Lexington Chevrolet dealer explained how the OnStar help the Chevrolet drive to the destination with the best navigation instructions.

OnStar In-Vehicle Navigation System

OnStar is an in-vehicle security system created to help protect passengers in a vehicle while moving on the road that includes reaching the destination through thee best route avoiding heavy traffic or diverted road problems.

Getting Started with Loading a Destination

Now you can get directions to reach your destination with the push of a button while driving your vehicle. Here is what all you need to do:

  • Push down the blue OnStar button and tell the name of the place you want to go to the OnStar Advisor
  • With the help of the OnStar Navigation system, your road directions will come with a human touch.
  • You can either have the directions automatically sent to the app of your vehicle, or the human Advisor can speak to you in every turn you take.
  • In addition to this, you are eligible to receive valuable offers for places you visit most.

How It Works

If you are curious to know how OnStar works in collaboration with your Chevrolet vehicle, then here are the explanations:

  • There is a Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature in OnStar that works the best way when you are not sure about the exact address of your destination, or get trapped in diverted routes because of road construction, or if you need to concentrate on the road and cannot afford to look at the screen.
  • By activating this turn-by-turn feature the OnStar Advisor would speak to you in every important junction and guide you while taking turns.
  • The other option is downloading the directions to the vehicle’s navigation system through your vehicle’s mobile app.
  • There is a Marketplace feature, through which you can receive coupons or special offers applicable for the places you generally visit. The Marketplace can also be used to find or book a hotel room in your favorite destination.

Why OnStar

With almost everyone having a smartphone and an in-built GPS system, one might wonder why one would need to seek help from the OnStar. The answer is simple. The OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation offers a lot more help than the standard GPS on your smartphone. It helps you find the next fuel station or a place to stop for coffee which the standard GPS functionality doesn’t offer. And we all know how often we need that help.

To know more about the OnStar Navigation, visit Lexington Chevrolet dealer who are ready to tell you how to make most of this exciting new feature!

Synchronizing with MyLink Navigation System:

To synchronize OnStar with Chevrolet MyLink, search it in the App store and enjoy the unmatched vehicle connectivity with all the great features that you always wished you had while a long-drive trip.

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