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How do I make air travel easier

Are you a businessman on a quick trip to another city? Or are you on a family vacation to an exotic city? Or you might be travelling aboard, leaving your home for study or work. The chances are you would most likely prefer to go by air. Whether you are a first time flyer or you have been flying for years, there are always some tips, which will help enjoy your travel better and skip the hassle. Here we have compiled some tips for flyers.

  1. Never join the security queue with kids

The line with kids is likely to take longer, as there are families on vacation, and they are likely to have a lot of baggage to check in. Also, the fact that there are kids, the parents are more likely concentrated on handling them, which slows the queue down. Hence, you always choose the queue with men in suits. These people are businessmen and are in a hurry; they have very little baggage, and are precisely packed. This queue will surely move faster.

  1. Flip flops is a bad idea

Even though flip flops are very comfortable, there are not all that functional. In case of an unfortunate event, a pair of sturdy shoes will go a long way in protecting your feet from heat or sharp objects.

  1. Jiggle to counter turbulence

This might sound funny, but jiggling slightly in your seat will counteract the movement of the flight and you won’t feel the turbulence so much. You need not be terrified of slight turbulence, it is a common phenomenon. Your jiggle will go unnoticed, as everyone will be moving around slightly at this time.

  1. Choice of seatmates

Your choice of seat is very important especially if you are travelling alone. You must avoid seating next to babies, groups of friends who will chat and elders. Babies might be cranky on long flights, and this might turn out to be irritable. Elders and women usually tend to use the toilet more often than men, and might have to keep getting up and have your sleep interrupted.

  1. Bring earphones

If you love silence and believe in silence is golden, then you must carry a pair of earplugs. However, on a long flight you are likely to get bored in silence. Then, a pair of earphones will come to rescue to escape from the noisy aircraft. You could simply put them on and listen to music or watch a movie. Investment in noise cancelling headphones is an even better option if you have the ability to do so.

Every time you fly, you become more aware of the mistakes, and you are better prepared for your next flight. Use these tips to give you a boost towards the perfect travelling experience. With domestic flying growing rapidly in the last few years in India, the number of flights has also increased. And if you are flying to Bangalore from Delhi then check New Delhi to Bangalore Flights Schedule to help you decide the best flight timings.

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