How Can One Contest Wage Garnishment?


You have received the garnishment judgment. Do read carefully the judgment in order to verify that all the mentioned information is completely accurate. Make sure that nothing is mentioned that you already paid off. Before knowing about the ways of contesting wage garnishment, let’s know the types of garnishment.

Two types of garnishment:

Wage Garnishment – In this type, creditors legally need your employer to cut the chunk of your earning in order to get your debts paid off.

Non Wage Garnishment – Creditors do hold right to tap into your bank account to recover the debts.

Three Ways To Deal

Now, you need to understand that what next thing you should do. The next thing is that you need to consult a consumer law attorney or legal officer to get to know about the solutions that what is best for you. There are having three options to opt –

Work out a different deal: Most of you may find it a bizarre to follow but this can be quite helpful. You need to understand the power of conversation. Do contact your creditors and let them know your situation. Prepare your budget in order to know how you can pay the debt and introduce the same to your creditors that you would adhere to this and will pay off all the debt in that stipulated time.

Challenge the judgment: If you are completely sure that the prepared garnishment papers are not accurate as it should be, you hold right to object in court. If you find that garnishment can lead to undue harm, you need to act quickly.

Accept the garnishment: You are allowed to pay off the garnishment following installment procedure. To pay the debt, you can go ahead to borrow money for a family member or you may also go ahead to apply for a personal loan to pay off. The best thing is that this is even possible when garnishment is on your credit report. This is also a good way to get rid of the stress of prolonged series of payment.

Way Of Filing A Written Objection to the Wage Garnishment –

The process of contesting does start with preparing and filing paperwork. The garnishment documents that you have received from the court also come up with all the detailed information of instructions that what can do in respect of objecting the garnishment. And some of the prominent instructions have been mentioned below –

What is the deadline for filing the case of contesting wage garnishment as you need to follow that completely

If it needs to have that objection in written form mention all needed detailing

  • Do you need to use a court-provided form or allowed to draft your own written objection
  • What kind of information should be mentioned in your written objection
  • Do you also need to share the copy of your written objection to the creditors
  • Keep the date, time and location of your next hearing announced by the court considering your objection

In case if your garnishment paper does not come up with that required detailed information, you immediately need to contact the clerk of the court to come across the desired information.

What About The Content of the Written Objection

Your written objection must have this following information –

  • Case number & caption
  • Reason for your objection
  • Date of your objection
  • Name
  • current contact
  • Signature

Do not lose your patience as the things can be resolved following the right ways. Do contact the experienced attorney to get over the stress and getting required information regarding contesting wage garnishment.

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