HGH introduction to the pioneers


It is a known fact that no two human bodies are similar in characteristics irrespective of their gender.  Every human body has its own way of functioning to complete the phases of human life cycle. It’s like a machine with no sequence of operations. A substance called “hormones” regulates all the phases of life cycle and one of the major one is “growth hormone.” It is clear by the name itself that human body growth rate is all dependent on this one substance. A small gland of our brain – pituitary gland, produces these growth hormones. It is clear that the physical appearance of human body is dependent on these growth hormones. Typically, these hormones generate in large quantities during the phase from childhood to puberty and gradually reduce in the phase of adolescence.

Who do not want to look fit and healthy? Specially men of ages in 20’s – 30’s and teenagers who prefers to look muscular with abs developed on their bodies. At first, it is not that easy to get the abs and muscles developed just by regular diet and exercises although not impossible. However, taking supplements will definitely enhance the muscle growth faster and reduces the fatty acids developed in our bodies.

How to use these supplements?

These HGH supplements are available in the form of pills, powder, cream, and injections. The dosage shall be limited as per the physician or the manufacturer’s instructions. Injections are to be taken only when recommended by a physician. As per studies the maximum intake shall not exceed 400-600mcg per day and shall be taken in multiple dosages. The pills or the powder can be taken before and after the heavy work out. Taking dosage before and after heavy work out will help the body builders in enhancing their tissues and strength.  The HGH supplement in the form of cream can be applied on the soft tissue of the body.  Proper diet rich in proteins is to be followed in all meals. Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats shall be avoided. You can also try using a HGH cream. Visit http://steroidly.com/hgh-cream/ for more information.

Possible associated side effects with over dosage:

Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has its own pros and cons. It is with the people to make a better decision as it totally depends on one’s body conditions. The most common side effects with these supplements are redness with the skin, excessive sleep. Excessive intake of human growth hormones supplements result in increase of facial bones, eyebrow bones, hands, and feet bones. This may result in the change of physical appearance. There are other chronic side effects of this human growth hormone supplements which might not seen in all. They are decrease in the level of blood sugar, other internal body parts enlargement- includes thyroids, heart which may increase the risk for the chances of death. The HGH supplements promotes the production of insulin in the body which helps in moving the blood glucose levels to the cells of liver, resulting in the low blood sugar levels in the body. The other side effect would be increase of hair growth all over the body.



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