Here’s All You Need To Know About Legionella Testing


Legionnaire’s disease is caused by legionella bacteria.

It is a form of respiratory disease that doesn’t spread person-to-person but through contaminated water.

Landlords/ladies here in the UK, need to ensure that their commercial properties are not the breeding grounds for this bacterium. They are responsible for the overall fitness of their properties, given they are planning on making profits out of them. 

This is the reason why periodic legionella testing from renowned assessment service providers is a definitive way to steer clear of legal troubles. To learn more about the disease, visit

Here’s more to it – 

Why do landlords need to periodically hire professionals to conduct Legionella assessment?

Rental properties house several tenants. 

This means the chances of such properties of becoming ground zero for the disease are pretty high. This is the reason why landlords/ladies need to hire professionals periodically to ensure that their properties are not housing the bacterium. 

Furthermore, appropriate control measures are also implemented with each assessment session thus nullifying the chances for the bacterium from striking!

What if a landlord fails to conduct professional legionella assessment in their property?

Here in the UK, strict rules and regulations are put forth by the authorities for landlords/ladies. The UK is a committed nation that has plans to keep the dreaded disease under control. Hence, the repercussions for not following said regulations could land the owner of commercial property in legal troubles, which includes penalties, jail time, or both!

What are the benefits of a professional legionella assessment?

  • Commercial property will lose its reputation if it becomes the breeding ground for the disease. Protecting the reputation of a commercial property is essential especially when the landlord is a responsible one and cares about the wellbeing of their tenants. A professional legionella assessment helps the owner of a commercial property to do just that – protect the reputation of their properties.
  • A landlord/lady will be able to get their hands on fool-proof plans of action from experts assessing their property to mitigate or prevent an outbreak.
  • A professional periodic assessment allows a landlord to have a clear idea about their property. It allows them to identify the places that need periodic maintenance and care. 

It is evident by now that as a landlord, it is the duty of the same to ensure that their property is not the breeding ground for the dreaded legionella bacterium. With that stated, for the best results, it is always a great idea to hire professionals from a renowned company that offers Legionella bacteria assessment in water bodies of commercial properties.

This is the only way to ensure that the results will be on par with one’s requirements. Learn more about Legionella bacteria, their transmission, and available treatments. Visit to learn more about Legionella.

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